Should you list your programs on your website?

When I work with clients on their websites, I’m always focused on designing a site that helps them get more clients, while also building their list.

One question that always comes up is, “How much information should I share about my coaching programs?”

Getting this right is critical to having a website that gets people to take action by calling or emailing you.

When you are planning or tweaking the content for your website, put your coach hat on. Start coaching prospective clients the moment they arrive on your site.

Think like a coach, and guide your prospective clients towards the action that you know will get them the best results.

As a coach, you likely know that if you give your clients many options, they will feel overwhelmed and won’t take any action.

For example, if you tell a client that has been eating a standard American diet that they should try to add leafy greens into their diet and give them 10 leafy greens to choose from, they will feel overwhelmed, won’t know what to try first, and will likely be unable to take any action.

If instead, you suggest to your client that they start by trying bok choy, because of its nutrient profile and subtle flavor, they will be clear about their next step and find it much easier to take action.

How does this apply to your website?

I am not suggesting that you should only have one coaching program that you offer. (Just as you would not suggest that your clients only eat bok choy.)

What I am suggesting is that you keep prospective clients out of overwhelm by limiting how much information you share with them.

Be thoughtful about what you share with them and when.

When a client wants to work with you privately, what is the first step they need to take?

In most cases, their first step is to schedule a strategy, breakthrough, or discovery session with you. You may also call this an intake or health history session.

As their coach, guide and motivate them to take this first step.

You can do this by having a page on your site that is dedicated to sharing more information about their first step. This can be called “Start Here” or “Get Started.” On this page you will want to:

  • Connect with the pain they are experiencing and their goals.
  • Share that there is a solution and that you can help. This is where you can give prospects an overview of the areas in which you support clients.
  • Invite them into a strategy session.
  • Share what they will get out of the strategy session.
  • Share the dollar value of the strategy session, even if it is free.
  • Provide a link where prospects can register for the strategy session. (I recommend setting up a TimeTrade calendar and linking directly to that.) 

Do prospective clients need to know all the details and coaching options prior to scheduling a strategy session with you?

I would argue that they don’t.

What they need to know is that you specialize in the problems they are struggling with,  and that you have a track record of helping clients get results. (If you are a new coach, don’t fret. You may not yet have success stories from clients, but they will come.)

During the strategy session, you will have an opportunity to share information about your programs.

Once you have gotten to know the prospective client, you will be in a much better position to share how you can support them. You will also coach them on this call by sharing which program you think will be the best choice for them.


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