Should You Have a Squeeze Page?

Before I dig into this week’s topic, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a web page where you promote a free offer. The free offer could be a teleseminar, a free report, video series, audio, or recipes (to name a few). On a squeeze page, you ask people to provide you with their name and email address in exchange for this free gift.

Squeeze pages are also called “single purpose websites” because you are asking your visitors to take a single action. They can only do ONE thing on a squeeze page -> enter their name and email and click the “submit” button.

You’ve likely heard that you SHOULD have a squeeze page, but I am guessing that it might have felt too salesy. Or you felt ok about having a squeeze page, but you weren’t sure how to use it.

I felt confused and conflicted about squeeze pages for a long time too.

Now that I understand how to use squeeze pages, my hope is to pass that clarity on to you, so you can be more effective with your marketing.


Do you want to have a squeeze page?


YES, and in fact, over time you will likely have several different squeeze pages. (Don’t worry about that for now. For now you want to focus on having one.)

Should you use a squeeze page as the front door or Home Page of your website?

No. In fact, this is likely why you’ve been turned off by having a squeeze page in the past.

How should you use a squeeze page?

Whenever you are potentially being “seen” by people who are not already on your list.


Here are my top 5 ways to use a squeeze page to grow your list:

Step 1. At the end of each blog post you post on your site.

Step 2. In the description of videos you post on YouTube

Step 3. If you guest blog, you will want to include a link to your squeeze page in your bio at the end of the blog post.

Step 4. When speaking live, on a teleseminar, or on a radio show you will want to share the URL for your squeeze page.

Step 5. In the signature of your email.


You’re likely working hard to spread the word about the life-changing work you do. Having an effective squeeze page is a crucial component to leveraging many of your marketing efforts.

To your success,

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