The “right” way to promote your program

Have you ever promoted a program and been disappointed by the results? Or, have you thought about promoting a program, but haven’t gone through with it because you’re worried you won’t attract enough participants?

I’ve been in your shoes, and these are definitely valid fears and emotions, but they shouldn’t stop you from moving forward in your business.

Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve helped over 200 coaches promote their programs, and I’ve learned a huge amount from this experience.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

I’ve seen new coaches who have a small list be successful with their launches. And, I’ve seen more seasoned coaches with a good-sized list not be successful.

What I’ve learned is that there are a few key things that make the difference between making a program profitable (or not), and that’s what I’m excited to share today.

Let’s dig in.

Focus on the main results your audience is looking for
What does your audience care most about, in regards to their health and wellness? You can brainstorm a list of potential desires, but then zero in on their biggest pain point or desire. This is what you hear over and over from clients and potential clients.

I know how tempting it is to share all the ways a program will help your audience, but doing this will dilute your message. The marketing of your program will be much stronger if you focus on one main result.

Move your marketing front and center
One of the mistakes I often see coaches make is focusing all their energy on creating the content of their program, then running out of time and energy to effectively market their program.

This is completely understandable, because creating a program from scratch is very time-intensive. To avoid the marketing being an afterthought, start by determining how you’ll market the program and assign yourself weekly action items. (If you missed last Thursday’s webinar, “How to Get People Enrolled in Your Programs, Even if You Don’t Have a Big List,” you can get access to the replay and the Bonus Marketing Timeline here. The replay will be available until this Thursday, January 22.)

Be clear (with yourself) about the power of your program
Do you ever have doubts about whether your program will really help people? If you’re offering a new program, this is totally understandable. Maybe you don’t feel like you have proof that it works. While the program may be new, I bet you’ve used the same strategies and information yourself or with private clients. Tap into the results you or your clients have gotten. If it’s totally new, ask someone (friend, relative, past client) to test out the program and give you feedback.

The more you believe in the power of your program, the more effective your marketing will be. Not only will you be able to more effectively communicate what people will get out of the program, but your enthusiasm for the program will be contagious.

Educate your audience on the WHY
One of the often missed pieces when launching a program is offering free content that allows you to convey WHY the program is going to help them. By educating your audience, you are pre-selling your program. For example, let’s say your audience struggles with losing weight. They feel like they’re eating right, so they’re confused about why they can’t lose weight. They’ve tried lots of diets and don’t realize that it’s something that can change.

You can educate your audience through emails, blog posts, a free talk, or videos about what may be causing their weight loss resistance. By the time your audience is done consuming your free content, they will be “sold” on what you have to offer.

Email multiple times
One of the mistakes I see coaches make, when promoting their program, is only sending two or three emails to their list. I understand that you don’t want to turn people off by appearing too salesy. If you only email your list when promoting a program, then yes, you’ll appear salesy. But, if you email your list regular (weekly or bi-weekly) articles or blog posts, your audience will be excited to hear when you have something that will benefit them.

While this may seem like too much, you want to email your list 5-6 times when promoting a program. We’re all busy and can’t pay attention to every email that comes into our inbox. People need (and want) reminders. People are motivated by different things, so each email should convey different messages.

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Now I’d love to hear from you.
Have you ever launched a program and been disappointed with the results? What did you learn from the experience? If you haven’t ever promoted a program but would like to, what questions do you have? Post your questions and thoughts below so I can support you.

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