How to promote a preview teleseminar after it ends

Last week my team and I were in major launch mode with one of our clients, Andrea Nakayama of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab.

On Friday, Andrea held a preview call entitled “Functional Nutrition 101,” where she shared how to use the guiding principles of Functional Medicine to captivate and enroll health coaching clients – while giving you the top tools to help them.

It was an amazing call and I highly recommend you check it out.
Click here to get access to the recording.


What happens when the preview call/teleseminar is over?


Today I am going to share how to continue to use the teleseminar to build your list and your following, even after the call is over.


1.    Post the recording on a special page on your site.

You will want this page to also include a link to the sales page for the program you promote during the call. This will make it easy for them to learn more and register for the program.


 2.    Change your teleseminar registration page to promote the free audio.

You can do this easily by removing the date and time of the call, and let your audience know they will receive instant access to the audio.


 3.    Create a new autoresponder email for registrants.

An autoresponder is simply and email you set-up in your email marketing system (such as Aweber or MailChimp) that is automatically sent to registrants immediately after they opt-in. This autoresponder should link to the page with the recording and let them know that registration has opened for the program.


4.    Add a pop-up or lightbox to your site that promotes the free audio.

While pop ups have gotten a bad reputation because they can be annoying, there are now wonderful plug-ins that allow you to add a pop up to your site in a way that is more tasteful.

Here’s how to add a pop up so it doesn’t feel salesy:

  • Set a delay of 10-30 seconds. This allows your website visitors to become engaged in your site before being “hit” with a pop up.
  • Set the pop up to show up only once per browser session.
  • Set the pop up to only show up if the visitor has not yet opt-ed in.

Whenever you create free content, such as a teleseminar, you can use the tips above to leverage it as a powerful list builder.


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