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MAY 13, 2024

#55: Why Some Talks Flop (And What To Do Instead)

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One of the reasons talks worked so well for me to get clients when I was a health coach is that with each of my talks, I had a host that was promoting my talk.

That allowed me to have a good number of people at my talks (usually 10-20 attendees).

When coaches experience zero or just 1 or 2 people showing up to their talks, it’s usually because they’ve put themselves in the role of being responsible for promoting their talk.

Typical scenarios I see are giving an online talk (aka a webinar) and promoting it to a tiny list or a tiny social media following…

Or using a community space and inviting your current connections to the talk.
In both of these situations, the coach often ends up with people not showing up to the talks.

It’s not their fault.

It’s simply that the talk didn’t get promoted to enough people.

The way to get more people knowing about your talks – and attending them – is to line up hosts.

I realize you may not know how to go about this and may have questions such as…

Where should I give talks?

How do I reach out to potential hosts?

What do I do after someone says “yes” to hosting me?

How do I present myself confidently?

I answer these questions in this episode Why Some Talks Flop (And What To Do Instead).

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The process that will get you booking fruitful talks
  • 2 key questions to ask potential hosts (that will help you determine if they’re a good fit for you)
  • How to get people showing up to your talks
  • How to communicate & work with hosts to make your talks a huge success

Tune in and walk away with a plan of exactly how to reach out and powerfully lead conversations with potential hosts for talks – that gets them saying ‘yes’ to booking you… and doing an amazing job of promoting your talks, and filling the room with ideal clients.

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