MAY 02, 2024

#53: How I Got Most of My Clients as a Health Coach

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Let me guess…

You’ve studied health and nutrition.

You know your stuff, and you want to get clients so you can help them experience change… while making a healthy living.

There’s just one thing missing…

You don’t know how or where to find potential clients.

In the meantime, you might be spinning your wheels and spending time on tasks that don’t ever seem to get you anywhere.

It’s no wonder.

There are so many voices out there preaching about the latest and greatest way to get clients.

This over abundance of strategies leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

If you want to create predictable income and grow your coaching business…

You don’t need a blog, a launch, complicated marketing, or Facebook ads.

In this episode, How I Got Most of My Clients as a Health Coach, I share what I did …and how you can get started using the same strategy I did.

Whether you’re a new coach or you’ve been in business for a while – tune in to learn the strategy you can count on every time… if done the right way… to bring you new clients and program participants.

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