JANUARY 15, 2024

#41: How to Collect & Use Testimonials to Get More Health Coaching Clients

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Want to know what does the selling for you, better than anything else?

Client Testimonials.

Here’s why…

When you share client testimonials, your potential clients can see themselves in your clients’ experiences. This allows them to start to identify with your clients.

And once they do, they begin to see what’s possible for them.

They build trust not just in you, but also in themselves and the improved health and wellness they can experience in the future.

Testimonials are much more convincing and inspiring than simply hearing how amazing you or your program are.

That’s why in the episode I share How to Collect & Use Testimonials to Get More Health Coaching Clients.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where to find “hidden” testimonials
  • Wording you can use to ask for a testimonial 
  • The hack that makes it easy for clients to give you a powerful testimonial 
  • Key questions to ask when collecting testimonials
  • Where and how to use testimonials
  • What makes a good testimonial vs. a lackluster one

If you’re a brand new coach, you might be thinking this isn’t for you. But I recommend tuning in because you’ll learn a process you can put in place from the beginning – to collect testimonials as you start working with clients. 

And you can use what I share to get testimonials from people in your life that you’ve helped for free.

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