AUGUST 14, 2023

#22: How to Combine Modalities in Your Health Coaching

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Do you have different skills, interests, passions that you want to bring into your work with clients?

One thing I love about health coaching is that it gives you the opportunity to share all of your gifts with clients. These might be things in the wellness arena, like yoga, meditation, personal training, EFT, and breathwork.

But I’ve also had clients combine interior design and gardening with health coaching.

If you want to blend your skills into one program, you might feel confused about how to present this to potential clients in a cohesive way.

It can be tricky, because you don’t want to sound like you’re all over the place and throwing things together.

In this episode I share How to Combine Modalities into Your Health Coaching in a way that is very clear and gets you even more clients!

In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • The big mistake to avoid when combining modalities
  • How to make your offerings even more attractive to potential clients
  • One thing many health coaches offer that actually doesn’t sell

This episode is an excerpt from a free coaching call I recently hosted with my community.

You get to listen in as I coach Gabriela who is unsure how to combine her experience as a yoga and meditation instructor with her new plant-based nutrition training.

Whether you’re looking to combine modalities or you’re looking for the most effective way to share all that you do with clients, this episode is for you.

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