Ninja List Building Strategy … (It’s Not What You Think)

How do you become a guest blogger so that you may start to build your list?

One of the most powerful, yet often overlooked, ways to build your list is to write blog posts that are published on other people’s blogs. This is known as guest blogging.

I love this strategy because it gives you the opportunity to gain exposure, build back links to your website (which is great for search engine optimization), and a chance to gain credibility as an expert.

You do not need to be famous or a published author to be a guest blogger.


Step #1: Research Blogs and Blog Posts

If you want to gain exposure, you will want to target blogs with a strong following. Search for blogs that have a similar target market to you and offer complimentary services or information.

Research blogs before you submit a post. Read guest blog posts and recent author’s blog posts to look at content, style and format. This will give you a sense of what are they looking for and what you can offer as a guest blogger.


Step #2: Simply Ask to Be a Guest Blogger

Once you have a list of blogs you want to target, simply ask them if they accept guest blogger posts. Some blogs have instructions on their site about how to submit blog posts. Other sites may not mention that they accept blog posts, but you should still ask.

When you make your inquiry, you should include possible blog post topics that you think their audience will be interested in.

When my team and I submit posts for clients, we have found that if we include a blog post with our inquiry, they are more likely to say YES!


Step #3: Invite Reciprocation for a Guest Blogger

Reciprocating posts is a great way to build relationships, build your list and provide value to your audience. Inviting reciprocation for a guest blogger to post on your site can even be a effective list builder for you because more traffic will be directed your way.

If you decide to host a guest on your own blog, be sure to let the author know what topics your audience is interested in.



How do you insure that your guest blog posts build your list?


If you expend a lot of time and energy researching, writing, and submitting posts, you want to make sure your efforts are fruitful, right?

In the bio at the end of your guest blog posts, lead with a call to action for a compelling free gift, and then link to a squeeze page (not your home page) where readers can opt-in to your list and receive your free gift.

Have fun growing and building your list!


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