How to Get MORE Clients with LESS Marketing

more clients less marketing

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you needed to do to bring more clients into your health coaching practice?

Wouldn’t it feel even better if that list of to dos wasn’t a mile long?

I bet you got into this work partly so you could feel more EASE and FREEDOM in your life.

But if you’re feeling scattered and overwhelmed, marketing your business can feel painful and exhausting.

It *is” possible to build a thriving health coaching business without burning yourself out.

In this video I share exactly how to get MORE clients with LESS marketing.

One of the reasons that some health coaches struggle to get clients is that they’re trying to do too many things.

When I was a new health coach, I was committed to making my business a success, so I did everything I could to get clients.

I thought “if I do x, y, and z” that will guarantee my success.

So I was driving all around my metropolitan area networking like crazy. I was giving lots of talks. I was connecting with potential referral partners. I was posting flyers and writing weekly newsletters.

The problem with taking on too much is that because I was spread too thin, I wasn’t able to do a great job with ANY of it…and my results showed in the beginning.

Do you feel like you’re in the same boat? You’re trying to do many things at once?

One of the cornerstones that I teach my clients in The Health Coach Profit Lab is that less is more.

The key thing you can do with your marketing to get the best results while spending less time marketing is to focus on ONE new strategy at a time.

Now, I’m not saying you won’t add other strategies to the mix, but what successful health coaches have figured out is that they’re much more successful when they don’t spread themselves too thin and focus on one thing at a time.

They get really comfortable and skilled at that one strategy and the clients come.

It’s counterintuitive, right? We’ve been programmed to think we have to DO IT ALL. We think the more we do, the better our chances of success, but it’s actually the reverse.

This was a HUGE relief for me when I heard this.

Imagine feeling LESS scattered, LESS busy, and having MORE success!

This is what’s going to happen for you when you follow the process I walk you through in this video training.

Tune in and learn how to get MORE clients with LESS marketing!

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