The Secrets to Pitching Your Coaching Services with Confidence

mindset shifts

Do you feel uncomfortable when it comes to inviting people to work with you…

…and find it’s impacting your ability to sign on clients?

It’s a tough spot because if you’re not signing on clients, THAT reality is likely lowering your confidence.

So how can you cultivate more confidence, so you CAN attract more clients?

This is something all newer health coaches struggle with and it’s a really important topic.

That’s why in this video I’m sharing 3 mindset shifts you can make that will help you feel more confident, more at ease, and more EXCITED to invite people into your programs. I also share 2 pro tips so you can nail your consultations.

Mindset Shift #1: “Invite” Rather Than “Sell”

Let me share an example to illustrate this.

Let’s say that you had a black tie event to go to and you were at yoga class talking to a group of women about how you needed a dress for this event that was happening in a week.

You shared that you were panicked about finding something in time.

Then one of the women who happened to be part of the conversation shares that she has a boutique nearby and that they just got a shipment of beautiful dresses that she thinks would look great on you. She invites you to come to the store and offers to help you find the right look for the event.

In this story, the boutique owner isn’t directly selling you anything. She’s making an invitation to help you solve a problem (i.e. needing a dress!).

So rather than thinking about pitching your services as “selling”, think of it as “inviting.”

You’re simply inviting people to work with you so they can finally tackle their health challenges and live the life they’ve been missing.

You make the invitation and they’ll decide if it’s right for them.

This simple mindset shift will do WONDERS for you!

Mindset Shift #2: Recognize The Value You Provide

When you’re inviting potential clients to work with you, you’re not trying to sell them a used car that’s on its last leg.

You’re offering something that they want and need – a healthy body, mind and spirit, a longer life, more energy to play with their kids, more strength to do things they love like gardening or water-skiing etc.!

Here’s a powerful exercise…

If you’ve worked with clients, think about each of them and the impact working with you has had on their life. Grab a journal and write down everything that comes to mind.

If you haven’t started working with clients yet, journal about how you’ve impacted your own health or the health of loved ones.

Use this journal as inspiration and read through it before you get on calls with potential clients.

This will help you remind yourself that when you help someone overcome their health challenges, you’re potentially saving them a lifetime of pain, frustration – and often thousands in medical costs.

You’re giving them the tools and support they need to enjoy their life more fully…. That’s invaluable!

Mindset Shift #3: Be of Service

I love this one.

Think about making your offer through the lense of “how can I serve?” instead of “how can I make sales?”

You know that moment when you see someone struggling with something and you KNOW you can help them?

It’s not about you and you signing on a client… it’s about this person getting the help they need – so they can have the best life they can.

The other day I got on a call with a potential client who practices something called The Hunter Method. It’s this powerful treatment that works with the nervous system to alleviate pain from sciatica, plantar fasciitis, migraines, vertigo… all sorts of things that are difficult to treat.

She shared with me that she’s struggling to get clients and what she’s been doing to try to get the word out about her services.

I knew right away that I could help her. And the overwhelming feeling I was tapping into was how I could be of service to her, to help her be able to do this work that she has trained for and that she’s skilled at.

I want her to be out there helping people who need her. It wasn’t about ME making a sale – it was about helping her.

Knowing that you’re coming from a heart-centered place when you make your offer will feel SO good to you. And make your ideal clients drawn to work with you.

Now let’s talk about my 2 pro tips…

Pro Tip #1: Go in with a plan

Even with the best mindset shifts, without a plan for how to lead initial consultations with potential clients… you’ll likely feel uneasy about how to sell your services.

When you go in with a plan, that will give you confidence and allow you to enroll more clients. This post walks you through our “soulful selling” process.

Pro Tip #2: Your excitement is contagious

Have you ever had an experience where someone was so excited about what they were selling that you felt that energy and wanted that thing they were offering?

This is a little bit of a silly story, but a while back, I was getting my eyebrows waxed and the aesthetician noticed that my face was very dry. (I didn’t take offense… I have very dry skin!)

She asked me what I use on my face and I was embarrassed to share that I wasn’t using a moisturizer.

She went on to tell me about a facial moisturizer they carry that’s great for sensitive skin like mine, is totally organic, and made of food. In fact it’s actually safe to eat (not that it would taste very good :).

Now, I didn’t go into the eyebrow wax appointment looking to purchase any products, but she was so enthusiastic that I suddenly needed to have this moisturizer. (Which, by-the-way, I love!)

Have you had an experience like this?

Now think about this in terms of your own health coach program… Are you delivering that much enthusiasm when speaking to your potential clients?

I’m NOT saying you should be pushy and salesy.

I’m saying that the enthusiasm and excitement of the person who has something to offer has a big impact on the buyer’s enthusiasm and their likeliness to buy.

When you’re excited, your potential clients will be more excited.

For a health coach like you, delivering that enthusiasm comes from confidence.

Confidence in knowing exactly what you’re going to offer to your clients.

Confidence that your programs are exactly what your ideal clients are looking for.

Confidence that what you’re offering will get your clients results.

You have to be excited about what you’re selling. And that comes from feeling passionate about what you’re offering and how it helps your clients.

Confidence is so important because if you don’t believe in yourself and your health coach program, even the best marketing strategies in the world are still going to fall short.

This is why I dive deep into everything related to closing the deal when I work with our clients on creating programs they feel confident about and that sell themselves… working on their mindset AND exactly how to lead initial consults that get people signing up to work with you.

If you’re unsure about how to develop a program that sells itself – stay tuned because I’m going to share this next week.


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