How you can spend LESS time on marketing to make MORE money

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When you have limited time to work on growing your health coaching business, you have to make every minute count.

You might be working a day job and squeezing in a few hours a week for your health coaching practice.

Maybe you’re trying to get your health coaching career going while raising a houseful of young children.

Perhaps you’re still finishing school and are loaded down with course work.

Or maybe you just want to have plenty of free time for your personal pursuits!
No matter your situation, I’m sure you want to make the most of the time you’re spending on your business.

And too often, I see coaches either wasting time with their marketing efforts, or worse, not marketing at all!

Here’s what you need to remember: the marketing is what makes or breaks a coach.

And when it comes to marketing your business, I have some MAJOR time saving tips for you.

Before we dive in, imagine what spending less time on marketing would do for you. You could…

  • Feel less scattered and overwhelmed
  • Take on more clients and increase your income
  • Spend more time with your family or have more free time on weekends

In this post, I’m talking about ways to avoid wasting marketing time and what you should be doing instead.

Are you wasting your marketing time on tasks that aren’t getting you clients?

Don’t waste your marketing time on these tasks

1. Passive marketing

If your to-do list has tasks like ‘flyer the local coffee shop’ or ‘mail letters to doctors’ offices’, I want you to crumple up that list and throw it away right now!

I call these ‘passive’ marketing techniques. They’re relatively easy to implement, but they’re not actively engaging your potential clients. And even though they’re easy, they eat up a lot of your time and rarely work to get you clients.

So cross these types of tasks off your to-do list and put your time and attention on tactics that successful health coaches are using to consistently get clients.

2. Marketing that isn’t a good fit for you

Let’s say a friend asks you to run 3 miles with them this weekend.

If you don’t like running, you’re probably thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to do that!”

You’re thinking about how painful and boring it will be. And you’re probably thinking of excuses you can make to get out of it.

But this doesn’t mean you hate exercising, right?

If your friend had asked you to join them for a yoga class or to go for a hike, you might have been excited by that opportunity…even looked forward to it!

This same idea applies when you’re thinking of strategies to market your business.

Marketing shouldn’t feel like a “necessary evil.” When you’re using marketing techniques that align with your strengths and personality, you’ll actually feel excited to work on your to do list!

If some of the marketing techniques you’ve been taught feel like they aren’t a good fit for you, it might be time to think about dropping them for something that comes more naturally.

3. Marketing that doesn’t align with your stage of business

This is a big one. I often see coaches attempting marketing techniques they’ve heard about from the ‘experts’.

It makes sense. If it works for them, it should work for you too, right?

Well, this is actually where you can get into trouble. Because, unfortunately, the marketing plan that works for one expert might not work for you.

What it’s easy to forget is that the experts teaching these strategies are probably not just starting out like you are. You don’t know how big their following is, how long they’ve (truly) been in business, or what kinds of connections they have.

It’s so important to keep these things in mind (and not beat yourself up about not being there – yet!).

Trying to jump ahead unfortunately usually doesn’t work. That’s why I always recommend sticking to marketing activities that are PROVEN to work for the stage of business you are in NOW.

Make the most of your marketing time by doing these things

Now that you know how NOT to spend your time, let’s talk about what you SHOULD be doing.

1. Pick one goal

The best way to start getting focused with your marketing is to pick one goal that you want to achieve with your outreach.

When I was a health coach, I decided my one goal was to book initial consultations.

Once I got clear on my goal of booking more initial consultations, I planned all of my marketing to align with that goal.

When I was at networking events, I’d mention my initial consult when I was connecting with someone new.

When I was creating a talk for a speaking gig, I’d include an offer for my free initial consultation.

Social media wasn’t big when I was health coaching, but if it was, you can bet that I’d include a call-to-action in my posts inviting people to my initial consult.

Being able to plan my tasks around a specific goal made my to-do list so much easier to manage.

I was able to focus on tasks that were in direct support of my goal of booking more initial consults. That meant that all the tasks that didn’t support that goal got crossed off the list (or at least put on the back burner until I had a steady flow of clients coming in.)

2. Pick one marketing task that aligns with where you’re at in your business

As I said above, finding marketing tasks that align with your stage of business is key to making it all work.

I see a lot of new coaches attempting every marketing strategy in the book. The idea is that by doing a lot of different things something will eventually work.

The problem with doing so many different things to market your business is that it isn’t sustainable.

Plus, when you’re splitting your time you can’t be dedicated to any particular strategy, which makes each of the things you’re doing less effective.

The key thing you can do with your marketing time to get the best results is to focus on ONE strategy at a time.

Choose the right strategy for your stage of business, and devote all of your marketing time to it. You’ll become the master of that strategy and you’ll have the results to show for it.

3. Get support so you get real results from your marketing

The reason many health coaches struggle to make money is because they try to do it all on their own.

They *think* they shouldn’t need more than the information they received in health coaching school. And they even feel shame about asking for support.

After having worked with hundreds of coaches, I see this reluctance in asking for help a lot.

But I also see the coaches who get over this reluctance… they get the support and the guidance they need, and they quit wasting time struggling with the pieces they don’t know. And their businesses take off!

Not only do they get a clear path forward, but they save so much time. Getting support and guidance allows them to hone in on what works and focus their efforts, so they can make the most of their precious time.

Expert advice from someone who’s been there can make all the difference when it comes to getting real results from your marketing.

You’re given the roadmap, the advice, and the human support. These three things combined are why your marketing is more likely to work when you get expert advice and work with a mentor.

By ditching the tasks that don’t bring you clients (and revenue) and implementing a strategic, focused marketing plan, you can make MORE money while spending LESS time marketing.

That’s a dream you can make a reality!

Now I’d love to hear from you!
What one goal will you focus your marketing around? What one marketing strategy feels like the best fit for you?

Comment below or come join our Facebook Group to share!


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