How To Make More Money Health Coaching In 2019

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With a few weeks left in the year, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you’re going to make more money in your business in 2019.

As I brought up last week, January can be one of the best client-getting months for you as a health coach, if you plan for it.

The same goes for the rest of the year.

Taking a little bit of time now to lay out a calendar and set goals is the first step towards getting more clients and revenue coming in.

Planning this far in advance may feel challenging, especially if you don’t know how many programs to offer and when to promote.

I get it! It can be overwhelming to think so far into the future when you don’t know what the next few months will bring in your life and your business.

Here’s the thing: Your plan can always change.

But when you have NO plan, it’s almost impossible for you to reach your client-getting goals or make more money.

When you have a plan, you’ll know where to focus your energy. This means you’ll waste less time, and get better results from your efforts.

Plus, mapping out your year will help you feel calm and grounded, vs. scattered and like you’re constantly winging it and chasing the next “bright shiny object.”

To help you get there, let’s talk about what you should offer and when you should offer it. I’ll also share a ‘done-for-you’ promotional calendar that you can use to drop your own programs into.

Want to make more money health coaching in 2019?

Plan Your Programs

One roadblock when planning out your calendar is not knowing how many programs you need to create or offer.

The best advice I can give you is to keep it simple.

As I shared in this post, all you need is 3 core programs that you can use throughout the year.

When you have a small number of solid programs as your foundation, you’re able to spend more time working with clients and less time creating new content.

Starting from scratch to create a new program multiple times a year will drastically slow you down and leave you less time for getting the word out about your business (and making money).

In fact, you don’t need to let program creation slow you down at all – there are plenty of done-for-you options, like our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program, that are available for health coaches…so you don’t have to waste any time before you can get started launching, promoting, and running your program.

I recommend 3 programs for newer health coaches because it gives your audience a couple of options for working with you, without giving them so much choice that they feel overwhelmed and can’t decide which is the best fit.

Program #1 – Short Group Program like a cleanse, detox, or jumpstart

Offering a short program is a great way to get people to sign up to work with you. It’s low cost and a relatively low commitment, so it’s an easy ‘yes’.

A program like this is typically very structured, which makes it easier for your clients to follow and experience quick results.

These programs can run anywhere from 7-21 days and usually cost $97 or less.

Programs #2 and #3 – 1:1 Coaching Programs

When the cleanse program comes to an end, present clients with an offer to continue working together in a one-on-one coaching program.

Why this works:

    • Clients get fast results in the cleanse and they’re excited to keep up the momentum.


    • Clients want more support after the cleanse. They still need accountability and knowledge to get even more results and maintain the transformation they’ve experienced.


  • Your clients get to know you during the cleanse so they trust you and your methods. After a short program, people will feel more confident that you’re someone they want to work with closely.

Give them 2 choices for continuing to work with you…a Mid-Range Program and a High-End 1:1 Program.

Your mid-range program is your basic private coaching program. Your high end offer can be almost identical to mid-range program, but with a few extras.

As a new coach, you might fear that you can’t sell high end packages. You might think that you should focus on lower priced offerings, but here’s the deal….

Many clients want a high level of support and are willing to pay for it!

In my health coaching practice, my highest-end offering was by far the most popular.

Your mid-range and high-end 1:1 programs can run for 3 months and can be priced from $997-$1,997.

(For a deeper look into what goes into these different offers, check out this post.)

What to Offer When

For most health coaches, offering a short group program 3-4 times per year is the perfect amount to help them reach their goals.

This gives you ample time to promote and fill the group program, and roughly 3 months to work with the 1:1 clients you recruit from the group program.

In between your group programs, your focus will be on attracting clients to your 2 private coaching programs.

So what does this look like?

January – promote & run short group program launch

February & March – focus on attracting 1:1 coaching clients

April – promote & run short group program

May & June  –  focus on attracting 1:1 coaching clients

July – promote & run short group program

August & September – focus on attracting 1:1 coaching clients

October – promote & run short group program

Nov & Dec – focus on attracting 1:1 coaching clients

Make More Money This Year

While you’re mapping everything out, take a minute to reflect on what you want to achieve this year.

How many clients do you want to serve? How much revenue do you want to bring in?

Here’s a post about my goal setting process which you may find helpful for getting in the mood to make a plan!

Let’s talk numbers to put this calendar into perspective.

So let’s say you’re following the calendar above, launching your group program 4x this year. You price your group program at $97, your mid-range 3 month 1:1 program at $997, and your high-end program at $1,497.

(By-the-way, if these prices seem high to you and you’re not charging anything close to this, don’t worry. As you gain experience and confidence, you’ll gradually raise your rates.)

If you enroll 16 people into your group program, that = $1,552.

After 16 people go through your short group program, let’s say 25% of them (4 people) want to continue working with you (a modest number).

If they all choose your mid-range program, that means you’ll earn an additional $3,998.

Now do this 4 times per year, and your revenue = $22,160.

But the benefit of offering a short program goes beyond this.

My clients find that by promoting and offering a short group program, there’s a ripple effect.

They gain exposure and credibility even from those who don’t sign up.

People who participate in their program have such a great experience that they start referring their friends for 1:1 coaching.

They get more exposure in their communities and people start to see them as an expert and the go-to person for health and nutrition.

In the months that you’re not offering a short group program, if you sign on 4 new 1:1 clients per month for your mid-range program through other promotional strategies (like giving talks, referral partners, and networking) you’ll bring in $35,892.

Then your total income for the year would equal $58,052.

Some months you may only enroll 2-3 new clients, but keep in mind that my numbers assume that everyone is signing up for your mid-range program vs. your high-end program.

I wanted to keep the numbers conservative, but you absolutely will get people signing up for your high-end program – especially if you have a clear area of focus (or niche) and can speak to potential clients with results-oriented language.

Now, if you’re thinking “this sounds great Amy, but I don’t know how to attract this many clients”, I want you to know that I hear you!

Getting clients takes work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Now I’d love to hear from you!
What are your goals to make more money in 2019? What programs would you like to offer next year?

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