Learn to market like our client, Marcie

Do you ever feel uncomfortable marketing?

Could it be because it doesn’t feel like YOU?

One of the keys to success in your business is learning how to effectively market in a way that feels completely authentic.

Imagine what would happen in your business if you actually looked forward to writing promotional emails or website copy.

Imagine what it would feel like to look forward to networking and public speaking. What would that do for your business?

Today I am going to share exactly how to make all of your marketing more effective. When you follow these strategies you will go from dreading, to falling in love with marketing.

3 Steps for Effective Marketing


1. Know who you are speaking to

We often hear that we need to have a niche, but it can feel daunting to choose a niche.  When you have a niche, it becomes much easier for you to write or speak to your audience in a way that really resonates with them. When you don’t know who you are speaking to, your marketing will inevitably fall flat.

Example: Our client, Marcie Mauro’s niche is mom entrepreneurs.  She is very clear about who she is speaking to, the challenges of mom entrepreneurs, and what support they need.

In getting clear about this, Marcie developed the 6 Figure Mom Movement. Virtual Mentoring experience. Click here to learn from Marcie and see how she speaks to this audience of mom entrepreneurs. 


2. Find and use your voice, not someone else’s

This is something that takes time to develop but it’s not as difficult as you may think. The trick is to listen to your instincts.

As you write, you may hear a voice in your head (your intuition) tell you one of the following:

  • “That doesn’t sound like you!”
  • “This is boring, can we write about something else?”
  • “Those words feel icky.”

When you hear those or similar words, pay attention!  Don’t brush them aside because you simply want to be done with what you’re writing.

Once you tap into your voice, the writing will flow much more effortlessly.

Why will this allow you to attract more clients?

You audience has found you because they are drawn to YOU, not to all the other health coaches out there.  If your words don’t feel authentic, your audience will zone out when they hear you speak or read something you have written.

Example: When you read the words on the page Marcie wrote, can you tell that it is coming from her heart?  Do you get a sense of her personality and feel more drawn to her?

HOT TIP: The design of your web pages or printed material should also reflect your unique voice and brand. For many of our clients, when we land on the final design for a banner or website, they find it easier to tap into their authentic voice.


3.    Highlight what makes you (or your offering) unique

While it may sound cliché with so many health coaches out there, you have something unique to share with your audience.

What are some of the things that make you unique?

  • Your personal story
  • Your coaching style
  • Your personality
  • The process you take clients through
  • The content of what you teach
  • Your training
  • Your passions

When you put all of this together, you can start to develop your unique selling proposition.  What makes the work that you do powerful and effective is your unique approach and skills. Get clear about this and bring it to the forefront in your marketing.

Example: One of the things that makes Marcie (and her event) unique is that she brings together concrete marketing strategies, work/life balance techniques, and teaching mom entrepreneurs how to be more bold as a business owner.

She brings this to the forefront by highlighting the 3 modules of her event. Check it out here.

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