How to make DFY materials your own…
so they attract clients

Are you thinking about purchasing Done-for-You material, such as a cleanse, detox, 90 day program, newsletter or free gift content?

Done-for-You content can be a lifesaver and help you catapult your business more quickly.

But… you do want to make sure that any content you put out there reflects your personality, philosophy, and speaks to your specific audience.

Today, I am going to share how you can take Done-for-You materials and make them work magic for your business.


1. Tweak titles

If you purchase a Done-for-You Detox program, you can make your offering much more compelling to your ideal clients by simply changing the name of the program.

For example: I spoke with a client last week who is using our Done-for-You Summer Cleanse/Detox content to launch a program in August. Her audience is women in their 40s and 50s who want to lose weight.

In a recent survey she sent to her list, she learned that a majority of them are concerned about sugar addiction and sugar cravings. We took that valuable information and decided that she should launch the Summer Detox/Cleanse as a Sugar Detox.

By simply customizing the name of the program, and adding in a results-oriented language, she has created an offer that her list is certain to respond to.


2. Remove content

When you purchase Done-for-You content, it is likely that there will be some portion of it that may not be in alignment with your philosophy.

The solution here is easy. Simply remove the content that doesn’t work for you – or that you know won’t work for your audience.

For example: I recently received an email from a health coach who wants to offer a vegan cleanse. She asked if the recipes in the Summer Cleanse/Detox program we offer is vegan.

I shared that it is mostly vegan (dairy-free and egg-free), but that there are a handful of recipes that contain fish or chicken. She can simply modify those specific recipes so they fit with her philosophy.


3. Add in your “secrets”

Whether you are a new or seasoned health coach, you likely have specific strategies, supplements, and/or food ideas that can help your clients.

When you buy Done-for-You content, you may feel like you shouldn’t change it too much. I want to empower you to add in anything that you feel will help your clients or participants get amazing results.

For example: You may have a specific probiotic or detoxifying tea that you love and want to recommend to your participants. Don’t hold back! Definitely add in your unique tips, knowledge, and expertise.


4. Adjust the language

When clients choose to work with you, it is because they are drawn to YOU – your personality and your expertise. When you utilize Done-for-You content, the style of the writing should sound like you and something you would say or write.

I like to use what I call the “voice in your head test.”

Here’s how it works…

As you read through the content, is there a voice in your head that says “I would never say that” or “I would never use that word” or “I would rather explain that another way”?

When you hear that voice, that’s when you know to go in and make some tweaks.

Spending a little bit of time to adjust the language will make you feel much more confident about what you’re putting out there. And, in turn, will allow you to attract more clients.


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Have you ever used Done-for-You content?
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so they attract clients

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