How to list build with teleseminars

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients about how to build their list.

The first step of any list building strategy is to have a compelling free offer.


Today, I am going to share how to use one type of

free offer – a free teleseminar –  as a powerful list building strategy.


The trick is to reach beyond your current list. You can do this by hosting a joint teleseminar with a colleague.


Who makes a good potential partner?

Identify someone who reaches a similar audience but offers something complimentary to you and does not compete with you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues who have been in business longer than you or have a bigger list than you.


How to choose your topic.

  •  Pick a topic that addresses a major pain point of your partner’s audience. Getting this right will help to insure the success of this list building initiative.
  • Choose a topic you feel very comfortable speaking about and one that highlights your expertise.

How to set up the squeeze page to build your list.

The squeeze page is the page where people will go to register for the teleseminar.

  • The page should be hosted by you and not your partner.
  • At the top of the squeeze page, you will want to have both your name and your partner’s name.
  • The opt-in form on the page should be connected to your email marketing system (such as Aweber or MailChimp). When people register for the teleseminar they will automatically be added to your list.

How do you get people to the squeeze page to register for the free teleseminar?

  • The great thing about this strategy is that your partner’s job is to promote the teleseminar to their list and on social media.
  • Your job is to make it very easy for your partner to promote the teleseminar. Provide your partner with copy for 2 emails and several social media posts that they can simply copy and paste and use to promote the teleseminar.

Utilize this strategy over and over again to continue to build your list.
Start by piloting the teleseminar with one partner. Use this pilot to fine tune the marketing and the content. Then, approach additional partners to host the teleseminar. You can present the same content repeatedly with a variety of partners, which means it takes very little effort for you to run each teleseminar.


Would you like help setting up your next teleseminar?
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