How to use YouTube to market your health business

If you’re not using YouTube to market your health business, then you probably should know that YouTube is key for search engine optimization (SEO) and bringing traffic to your website.

But you’re probably wondering, “Why and how should I be making videos and posting them on YouTube?”

Why post videos on YouTube?
YouTube is essentially a search engine.  Instead of typing a search into google, many people go straight to YouTube to get answers to their questions. 
What does this mean for you?
Let’s say your expertise is supporting women who are going through menopause. You might create a video about “the top 3 foods to remove to reduce hot flashes.” You chose this topic because you know it is something your ideal clients want to know and are searching for.  Your ideal clients find your video after searching on YouTube (or google).
What happens after they find and watch your video?
The women who watch your video are going to see you as an expert in this area and as someone who can help them. Some of these women are going to want more from you.
Now that they want more from you, how do you effectively convert these viewers to opt-in to your list?
In the description that shows up under the video, invite them to sign up for your free gift.
HOT TIP #1: Your free gift should “speak to” the same ideal client to whom your video spoke.
HOT TIP #2:  Be sure to have your free offer first.It would look something like this:
Get [insert name of free gift] at:  insert link to squeeze page
Then immediately after that include a very brief description of the video. “In this quick video I will show you how to….”
HOT TIP #3: Be sure to link to a squeeze page and NOT your home page. 
Linking to your squeeze page will keep visitors focused on one action – opting in for your free gift.  If you send them to your home page, they will see your free gift if it is promoted prominently, but they are more likely to get distracted browsing around your site, potentially leaving before opting in.

YOUR ACTION STEP: Implement YouTube to market your health business with videos you currently have posted on YouTube and on any new ones you post.


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