How to Easily Plan & Create 30 Days of Engaging Social Media Content

I’ve been talking a lot lately about growing your health coaching business on social media, specifically Instagram.

And what I’m hearing is that you’re sold on using social media…

Now you need a PLAN.

Because you want the time and energy you’re spending on social media to ultimately do one thing – get you clients.

If you’re ready to stop asking yourself “What should I share on social media today?”, you’ll definitely want to watch this mini-training.

The purpose of your social media content is to help you attract new followers, to turn those followers into people who know/like/trust you, and to turn some of those people into paying clients.

Your content shouldn’t be something that you just check off your to-do list. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but you want to be thoughtful about it.

Your content should connect with your ideal clients and where they are at right now on their healthy journey.

How to plan out your next 4 weeks of social media content…

Start with a main piece of content for the week – this will ideally be a livestream, but could also be a blog post.

Here are 4 topics that you can use for your main piece of content (so you’ll have 1 topic per week for the next 4 weeks).

  1. Products You Love
    This is a really fun one – you want to focus this on products you love that help your clients get the results they want. This could be supplements, essential oils, foods, or anything else. You can show and tell 3 products – show them each item and tell them what you love about it and why it’s helpful for what they’re struggling with.
  2. Mistakes
    Relate this to what your ideal client desires. Let’s say it’s to have periods that aren’t painful. You would share 3 mistakes people often make when they’re having painful periods that actually aren’t working for them. And you’d share why these things aren’t helping them.
  3. Demos
    Some examples are a cooking, exercise, essential oils demo. For example, if you work with women who want to release weight. You could do a demo of a breakfast that’s going to rev up their metabolism & keep them satisfied until lunch. During the demo you’d show them how to make it and talk about why the ingredients are going to be helpful to them.
  4. How to Topic
    For this you will share something you teach your clients. Let’s say you work with women who experience anxiety and that is impacting their sleep. You could do a ‘how to’ topic on how to go to sleep easily even when your anxiety ramps up.

Once you have topics for your main piece of content, you can use this as your theme for the whole week and re-use it for individual posts.

Here’s an example for a week focused on the topic of mistakes your clients often make.

  • Post #1 could share a personal story or a client story of making one of the mistakes you’re going to share.
  • Post #2 could promote your livestream or your blog post
  • Post #3 could recap the main points (or highlight one of the points) in your main livestream/blog post
  • Post #4 could be something personal that may or may not relate to the main content. For example, you could share a moment from your life that gives people an “inside look” at your life and allows them to get to know you better. Or you could share a client win.

There is no one perfect formula but this is one way you can plan out your content to make it easy, while keeping it engaging.

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