How To Easily Add A Form Or Application On Your Website

As a business owner, one thing that makes going on vacation easier is having automated systems in place. Today I want to share one of my favorite free online tools for adding a form to your website.

Why might you want to add a form to your website?

Do you ask potential clients to fill out a form/questionnaire before doing an initial consultation (aka strategy session or health history)? Having potential clients complete a form like this is very helpful because it provides with you background information so you can determine if this client is a good fit for you. This also translates into less time in the initial consultation.

Providing a form on your website is a great way to go because you don’t have to worry about your client downloading a document and emailing it back to you. They simply type their answers into the fields and click submit. I love how streamlined it makes the process.


My favorite free tool for adding forms to your website is Google Forms because:

  • it is free
  • you can easily embed the form onto your site, which means they stay on your site and your branding is consistent
  • you receive an email (with responses) each time someone submits the form, and…

My favorite feature is that you can have all the responses populate in a Google doc spreadsheet.

You can add information to that spreadsheet such as:

  • whether they have scheduled the initial consultation
  • notes from the initial consultation
  • whether they signed up to work with you
  • when you will follow-up with them

This makes it very easy for you to track your prospects that visit your website.


Interested in learning how to use Google Forms? Stay-tuned! Next week I will share step-by-step instructions even a non-techy can follow!



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