How I Get In The Creative Zone To Write
(And You Can Too)

Get in the creative zone and beat writers block | Marketing For Health Coaches

Do you struggle with writing newsletters, blog posts, promotional emails, sales page copy, teleseminar, or any other type of content?

In school I struggled with writing. I was always adjusting the font size and margins so I would meet the page requirements!

In recent years, I have become much more comfortable with writing and have discovered simple ways to set myself up for success when I am writing.

These strategies will allow you to relax into the process and have the words flow more naturally.

Get in the creative zone and beat writers block | Marketing For Health Coaches


Determine what time of day you do your best creative work.

We all have times in the day when we do our best work. If you are exhausted in the evening, trying to write at night will feel like an uphill battle.

For me that’s in the morning – the earlier the better. So, if I have writing to do, I make sure to clear the decks during the morning hours.

Aside from keeping my calendar clear during these hours, I turn off email and any other distractions.

Chunk it down

Certain writing tasks can take several hours, and it can feel daunting to try to sit down and tackle a large project.

I do my best work when I spend smaller chunks of time writing, over several days. For me, that’s usually no more than one to two hours at a time. After that amount of I time I find that I am no longer productive and I need a break.

Taking a break will allow you to rest your mind, and you’ll find that you’re more creative when sit back down to write later in the day or the next day.

Consider your process

What process allows you to be most creative?

Do words flow more naturally when you are taking or writing? Do you work better with someone or by yourself? Do you feel more creative when you type or write by hand?

Writing doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting at your computer and typing. With all the technology out there, you can record yourself and use voice recognition software to get the words on paper. Or, you could have an assistant or colleague interview you and take notes while to talk.


Now I’d love to hear from you!
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