Healthy new year’s gifts for clients

I love giving gifts, don’t you? I view gifts to clients or team members an expression of my brand. I especially like giving gifts that support small businesses, my values, and health.

As a health coach or nutritionist, this time of year you may be considering sending a holiday gift to your VIP clients, referral partners, or colleagues.

While this is certainly an additional expense and takes some effort, it is a wonderful way to express gratitude and warmth. It is also a fun way to express yourself.

Please note that I will not receive a kick back or commission on any of these products. They are simply products that I love.

741459295073-1 Raw Chocolate from Vita Organics
What I love about this chocolate is that it is made with coconut sugar, rather than the agave nectar which is often used in raw chocolate.  They offer adorable mini chocolates, which are beautifully packaged. This company is owned by one of our former clients, Jen Meister of Simple Clean and Whole. Let her know I sent you and she will take great care of you!
HST-BBT-2 Herbal tea from Haberlin’s Herbals
Each batch of tea is fresh and handmade. I especially love the Happy Tea and Red Tea.  Gineane Haberlin, the owner and Master Herbalist, can also make you custom blends with your branding. How cool is that? Gineane used to be our Operations Manager. Let her know I sent you and she will take great care of you!
shrinksession Shrink Session Workout
Give your clients a fitness program that will not only help them get more fit, but one that embodies self love and empowerment. I haven’t yet personally experienced these workouts, but it’s gotten rave reviews!
cookbook Healthy Cookbook
I’m sure your clients would love a new cookbook to inspire them to try some new foods. I love Michelle Tam’s recipes and the fun personality she infuses into her writing. You might have a favorite cookbook you want to share.
molds Candy, Craft & Ice Cream Molds
This set comes with molds the shape of hearts, lego blocks, and a robot. I’ve used these to make carob candy with my older daughter and she LOVES it. And whenever we bring our candy to a potluck or party it’s always a huge hit. You can also use these to make chocolate, gummies, flavored ice cubes, crayons, candles, soap and more.
1GSBSOBF-2_large Bamboo Cooking Utensils
I can never have too many utensils for cooking! These stylish and functional utensils are a healthier alternative to silicone, plastics, and varnish. I love bamboo products that are sustainable, beautiful, and anti-microbial. This set even comes in a biodegradable cotton gift tote (which can be reused as a wine tote ;). And, save $5 off your order when you use the coupon: AMYGIFT5
planner Desire Map Planner
Your clients will love these beautiful, holistic planners. They’re designed for A types, detailed thinkers, and the highly scheduled, who want to create more joy and ease in their day-to-day.

Do you have other fun ideas for gifts for clients, friends, or family? Please share your ideas below and let’s spread our support of businesses that are in line with our values.

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