4 Steps To Get Repeat Coaching Clients

Get Repeat Coaching Clients | Marketing for Health Coaches

Have you ever heard the old business cliche that it’s 7x harder to get a new customer than it is to keep an existing one?

You may never have considered this when it comes to your own coaching business, but it certainly applies. Re-enrolling your existing coaching clients into your programs is a whole lot easier than bringing on new clients.

You see, just because a client initially signs up to work with you for 3 months or 6 months doesn’t mean that has to be the end of your coaching relationship.

Many times, clients are still wanting and needing support.

I’ve been working with my nutritionist on and off for 5+ years. And few years ago, I signed on to work with a spiritual coach for 6 months. I was getting so much out of working with her that I resigned with her several times and ended up working with her for 3 years!

Re-enrolling some of your clients will have a HUGE impact on your business and your time. Having repeat clients offer tons of benefits, such as:

  • Generating recurring income for yourself with little additional work
  • Creating a deeper connection and having more of an impact on your clients’ lives
  • Creating a super loyal client that will recommend you to their network
  • Spending less time on marketing, free initial consultations and pitching new clients

Now that you’re sold, let’s talk about HOW you can get your existing clients to re-enroll in your programs.

Re-Enroll Coaching Clients | Marketing for Health Coaches


#1 Over-deliver on Your Programs

The key to getting repeat coaching clients begins with the experience you offer.

If your client feels a connection with you, finds the information and support you provide incredibly helpful, and is getting great results, she’s going to want to keep that going.

One way to foster this kind of relationship with your client is to over-deliver. By over-deliver, I’m talking about providing support and resources that make your client feel like she’s getting incredible value and support for her investment.

Here are some ways you can over-deliver on your program and leave your client wanting more:

  • If you offer email support, respond to emails in a timely manner, and email them to check-in if you haven’t heard from them in a while
  • Send her a small surprise gift or a card in the mail
  • Send an email with a recipe you found or created that’s a healthier version of their favorite food
  • Ask her if she wants to be featured as a success story – this helps you get testimonials and makes her feel great about her accomplishments
  • Send her articles she would find really helpful

These things may seem small, but they can go a long way in making your client feel fully supported.

Over-delivering for your clients is going to make you an invaluable asset on their health journey. Become their go-to, their sidekick, someone they can’t imagine walking this path without. Prove that you’re on their team and they’ll want to keep you there forever.

#2 Show Progress Along The Way

When we make an investment in something, we want to see the returns along the way. The same applies when a client is investing in your coaching program.

Keep detailed notes on all of your clients so that you can show how far they’ve come.

Numbers are great of course, but emotional progress counts too.

Jot down when your client says something really positive about the way she felt – whether it was a boost in confidence wearing a new dress, waking up with tons of energy one day, or receiving a compliment on their glowing skin.

Send her a note between calls congratulating her progress. This will remind her why she’s working with you in the first place, and make her want to continue getting those results!

#3 Make It Clear That Many People Continue With The Program

Your clients might not bring up continuing because they either don’t know that it’s an option or they think that they should feel “complete” at the end of the program they signed up for. They might think there’s something “wrong” with them if they want to continue.

Most coaches miss this point and it’s one of the BIGGEST reasons clients don’t re-enroll.

The last thing you want is to make your client feel like she failed the program.

Explain to your clients that re-enrolling is common.

The best way to do this is to mention it a few times along the way.

When clients sign up to work you, you can mention that some clients complete the program and feel like they’ve gotten what they need, but that many clients realize there’s more they want to work on and choose to continue working with you.

This will put the idea in the back of your clients’ heads…so they’ll be thinking about this as the program nears the end.

When there are only a couple of weeks left in your program you can bring this up again and open the door to have a conversation about what it would look like to continue working with you.

The best way to do this is to simply ask “how are you feeling about the program coming to a close?” If you sense they could still use your support or they seem disappointed that your time with them is coming to an end, discuss what continuing to work with you would look like.

When you discuss continuing to work together, focus on the benefits of continuing your relationship. These should tie directly to what each client is still struggling with – or new goals they’ve developed.

Often, improving our health is like peeling back the layers of an onion. For example, you may have helped your client resolve their issues with fatigue, but now they realize they want help with digestive issues.

#4 Offer An Incentive To Re-Enroll

A lot of companies offer bonuses or specials for repeat customers. Have you ever received a ‘customer loyalty discount’ on your cable bill? It feels great!

You can create your own ‘customer loyalty’ discount or bonus to give your clients the same feeling.

They will feel like you really value having them as a client, and they’ll have an extra enticement to sign up again.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Discount – this could be a reduced cost – such as 4 months for the cost of 3 months. Just make sure the discount isn’t undervaluing what you offer.
  • Bonus session – throw in a bonus session with you that they can redeem anytime
  • In-person cooking class or pantry makeover – If your clients aren’t local you can do this over skype
  • Free enrollment in your group program – give your repeat clients free access to join any group programs you’re offering in the next 6-12 months
  • Free gift – offer them a gift certificate for a massage, acupuncture, the spa, etc.

Another option is to create an offer that’s less intensive and less expensive.

For example, you could create an offer for repeat clients that includes a call every 3 weeks instead of your regular twice monthly calls. If you’re currently meeting weekly, you could drop down to twice a month. Or, if you offer 60-minute calls, you could drop down to 30 or 45 minute calls.

In this case, the client feels like they’ve ‘graduated’ into your next program. Plus the investment is slightly lower so it feels like a no-brainer.

People are motivated by different things, so one route is to give clients a choice between two options. For example, you could let them choose between $300 off or a 2 hour in-person cooking class.

There isn’t a perfect formula for coming up with your re-enrollment incentive, so do what feels right for your coaching business and your existing clients.

Pro Tip: Whatever you do, do NOT call the program a “maintenance” program. People don’t want to pay for maintenance, but they’ll be happy to invest in continued results and transformation.


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