Emailing your list too much? Find out…

This week I am going to address the question “how much is too much” when it comes to emailing your list.

How often should you be sending out a newsletter?

How often can you promote to your list?

Today, I am going to share guidelines for emailing your list, so you can communicate with them without fear of turning them off.

To start, let’s differentiate between emails with valuable free content from promotional emails.

When I talk about “emails with valuable free content,” I am referring mainly to your newsletter/ezine.  You should ideally send this type of email out once a week.

If you’re just starting to send a newsletter, you can begin by sending one out every other week and then work your way up to once a week.

Why do I recommend you send your newsletter out once a week?

  • It sets you up as an expert with your subscribers.
  • It allows you to create know, like, and trust with your subscribers.
  • It keeps you “top of mind” so your audience will be reminded to reach out to you for support when the time is right.
  • It lets people know that you are reliable and that you have an established business.

Is once a week too much?

It’s not too much, as long as you’re writing about topics your audience cares about.  This will keep them engaged and make them raving fans.

How often can you promote, without annoying your list?

If you are sending out free valuable content on a regular basis, your subscribers will not be turned off when you send promotional emails. In fact, they will likely be thrilled to learn about what you’re offering because you’ve built a relationship with them, and they see you as an expert in an area they want support with.

What you want to avoid is ignoring your audience and only sending them emails when you want to promote a program.

The amount that you promote to your list will depend upon how many programs you want to invite people to during the year.

If you want to make six offers during the year, I would recommend that you space out your offerings so you are promoting to your list about every other month.

Promoting an offering no more than every other month keeps things fresh. It gives some space between your promotions so your list isn’t overwhelmed by the number of offers you are making.  This way, when you do make an offer, they will pay attention.

Regardless of the number of offers you plan to make during the year, space them out so there is some breathing room between promotions.

How many emails should you send each time you promote an offering?

I recommend that you send six emails when you’re promoting a program.

There are two main reasons I recommend a series of six emails.

#1 Sending out a series of six emails allows you to craft each email with a different angle.  People are motivated by different things.

#2 We are all busy and needs reminders. How many times have you deleted an email about something you were interested in, simply because you were having a busy day and didn’t have time to read the email?

If you’re feeling hesitant about sending promotional emails, remember that these emails are an invitation for your audience to get the support they want and need.  If you don’t email them, you’re doing them a disservice because they won’t know about your offering.

Have questions about emailing your list?

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