When to email potential clients

Do you ever find that when you make offers that your list isn’t very responsive?  Could it be the timing of your offer?

When thinking about when to make an offer, keep in mind that your audience is most engaged when they join your list.

Why is this?

Most people find you and join your list when they are actively struggling with health concerns that you address. They are finding you when they are motivated to take action.

To illustrate this, let’s imagine for a moment that you were experiencing painful PMS symptoms.  (If you’re a man or have never had PMS symptoms, use your imagination here :).

Imagine that you were suffering from headaches, bloating, and abdominal pain that forced you to stay in bed. These symptoms affected you so much that you had to take the day off work and miss an event you’d been looking forward to.

Hitting a low point, you looked online for ideas on how to lessen the severity of your symptoms. That’s when you stumbled upon the website of a health coach who specializes in this area. Excited to find her, you immediately joined her list.

You received her free gift, which gave valuable information, but you still felt overwhelmed by what to do. Luckily, the coach sent you an email a couple of days later inviting you to schedule a complimentary session so she could learn more about you and you could learn how she can help you.

You took action and jumped at the offer because you desperately wanted help.

Now, let’s imagine that the coach didn’t make an offer at that point, but made an offer two months later.

By this time, you might have decided to go to your doctor and take medication or found another practitioner to work with.  Or, you might be in a different frame of mind, with other priorities in your life, and therefore less motivated to take action.

Ok, so how does this apply to your business?

Here’s how you can easily make an offer to new subscribers…

In your email marketing system, simply set-up a series of emails to go out automatically to new subscribers.  Depending on which service you use, these emails are called autoresponders, follow-ups, or drips.

Here’s an example of a series of three emails:

Email 1: You give them access to your free gift.
(Sent immediately after the person subscribes.)

Email 2: You make an offer.
(Sent 2 days after they subscribe.)

Email 3: You send a friendly reminder about the offer.
(Sent 6 days after they subscribe.)

What about making offers at other times?

While you do want to make an offer right away, you’ll also want to make offers throughout the year. This will allow you to connect with the portion of your audience that needs to get to know you before they are ready to invest in working with you.

Making different offers throughout the year also allows you to meet the varying needs of your audience. Some people will want the hand holding that comes with working with you one-on-one. Others will be excited about an online group program which has a lower investment and gives the support of a community.

What offer would you like to make? 

If you’re currently making an offer to new subscribers, I’d love to know what you’re offering and how it’s working for you.  If you’re not currently making an offer, what would you like to offer? Share your thoughts and your questions below so I can support you.

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