Easy way to get more “likes”
on your Facebook page

Whether you have a Facebook page or are planning to create one, you may be wondering how to get more people to “like” your page.

Today, I want to share a simple strategy that will help you get likes from your ideal clients.

This tip is all about using your thank you page.

A thank you page is a page that people are sent to after they purchase from you. You may also send people to a thank you page after they opt-in to something free that you are offering (like a free gift or teleseminar), but today we want to focus on the post-purchase thank you page.

The moment after people purchase from you, they are very engaged, and we want to take advantage of that!

Simply use the prime real estate on the thank you page to ask people to “like” your Facebook page.

Here’s an example of how we set this up for one of our clients, Nina Manolson.


21 Day Challenge Subscribed - Smokin Hot Mom
While you certainly want to get “likes” from people who haven’t yet purchased from you, the people who have purchased from you will become your biggest fans and will help you grow an even larger fan base.

HOT TIP: Don’t just ask them to “like your page,” but tell them what’s in it for them.  Why should they like your page? Will you be sharing content they can’t get elsewhere, special discounts, connection to a community?  Make it compelling for them.


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on your Facebook page

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