How to easily write compelling sales page copy

Last week I was speaking with a client who just launched a group weight loss program.

She was disappointed that more people hadn’t yet registered for her program, so we dived in and discussed why we thought more people hadn’t enrolled.

This client is incredibly smart and intuitive, so she always has powerful insight. Do you know what she said?

She felt that people weren’t signing up because they weren’t clear on what they were getting in the program.

They weren’t clear because she also wasn’t clear about what she was delivering.


When you’re in launch mode and focusing on the promotion, it’s easy for the content to take a back seat.

Research has shown that people only buy things they understand, so she was spot on in her assessment.

If your a sales page copy isn’t straightforward, 

then you leave room for confusion and the loss of a sign-up. In the health and wellness field, it can feel challenging to describe your programs. This is why I put together a roadmap which will help you dive deeper into describing your programs and writing compelling sales page copy.


Your sales page copy must answer
the following questions:

  • What is unique about this program? (This is your unique selling proposition.)
  • What results have others gotten from this program (or working with you)?
  • What EXACTLY is included in the program?

I have developed a series of key questions that will allow you to dig deeper, so you can write compelling sales page copy that converts. Once you answer these questions, you have the majority of your sales page copy written.

  1. What are the top 3-5 benefits your participants will experience from participating in your program?
  2. Who is this program a good fit for? (Hint: Don’t say “everyone.”)
  3. What is it about this program that makes it unique? (Meaning, why will participants get results in this program when they haven’t gotten results in the past?)
  4. What results do you want people to have participating in your program?
  5. List 3-5 of your best testimonials (include more if you have them):
  6. List what is included in the program (in as much detail as possible) and include how each of the “features” of the program will help them get amazing results.
  7. If your program is longer than a week, what will be covered (or included) in each week of the program? (This is your curriculum.)
  8. What FAQs do you get from prospects?
  9. What are your customers’ 5 biggest objections to participating in your program? (You will want to counter these objections when writing your copy.)

Your action step: Give yourself a week to answer the questions above. If you try to sit down and answer them all at once, you will likely rush through it and your answers won’t be very compelling. I recommend assigning yourself three questions per day for three days. Then, use the remaining two days to review your responses, dig a little deeper and tweak. You now have compelling sales page copy that answers exactly what a participants will get out of your program, which will ultimately result in more sales.



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