Why Creating a Group Program Can Keep You In Money Struggle

Have you heard that creating a course or a signature group program is the path to success?

It sure can be if you’re in a certain place in your business. But creating a group program before you have these 4 things in place can keep you in money struggle.

And since you know by now that I love helping you create money and clients in your business, I wanted to share some of what I teach inside The Abundant Health Coach (our wellness business accelerator program).

Why Creating a Group Can Keep You In Money Struggle

Unsure of what to focus on right now? Here’s a quick self-assessment…

Focus On Filling Longer Group Programs If…

  • You’ve Already Worked With 8-10 Clients On Your Group Program Topic
    It’s vital to have experience with the topic before creating a group program, so you know what clients need and want.
  • You Have Months To Create A Group Program & The Marketing Material
    I say ‘months’ because it takes a LONG time (and a lot of marketing know-how) to create everything you need for a successful group program launch.
  • You’re Okay With Not Making Money While You’re Creating Your Group Program
    If you’re focusing on creating a group program, you likely won’t have much time to attract private coaching clients. This means little or no money coming in during the creation process.
  • You Have At Least 1,000 People On Your List
    You’ll typically see a conversion rate of 1-3%. So meaning if you have 1,000 people on your list, you can expect 10-30 to enroll in your program.
  • Your Private Coaching Practice Is Full Or Mostly Full
    If this is the case, it’s time to scale and create a group program where you can serve more people at one time.

Focus On Filling Your Private Coaching Spots If…

  • You Want To Make 5k Per Month Consistently
    Private coaching is higher priced, so you only need to enroll 3-4 clients a month to reach this goal.
  • You Want To Get Started Working With Clients & Making A Good Income Asap
    Once you learn the process for inviting people to work with you, you can start signing on private clients immediately. (Stay tuned – for more from me on how to do this!)
  • You’re Brand New Or Haven’t Worked With Many Clients Yet
    Private coaching is where you’ll want to start because it will get you experience, testimonials, and confidence that’s necessary before creating a group program.
  • You Have A Small List (Or No List)
    Great news! You don’t need a list to start signing on private coaching clients!
  • You Want A Simple, Low Tech Approach To Having A Thriving Business
    All you need in order to enroll & work with private coaching clients is a way to take payments & a scheduling system.

What do you think your focus should be right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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