How to charge more for a cleanse

When I was a health coach, I offered an online 21-Day Cleanse program. I marketed the program online and offline, but the program was 100% online. I delivered the materials electronically, offered three group calls, and provided support via a Google group.

I offered this at a low investment of $79. That was about seven years ago. If I were still health coaching, I’d charge at least $197 for that program.

Most health coaches offer their cleanses and detoxes as an online group program, for a low investment of anywhere from $97-$247, depending on the length of their program.

This is the most popular way to offer a program because it’s an easy “yes” for people, and it’s an easy way for you to lead a program.

But what if you want to generate more revenue from a cleanse or detox?

Today, I’m going to share 3 ways that you can charge more for a cleanse or detox.
Offer #1: Private Cleanse/Detox Experience
If you enjoy working with clients 1:1, you can offer potential clients a 21-day or 30-day program with you, where you support them through a cleanse or detox. Or, you could simply have the first month of a longer 3-month program be focused on leading them through a cleanse. What a powerful way to jumpstart changes!

I love these options because it allows you to use a structured program (which is easy for you!), while helping your clients quickly clean up their diet. It gives them FAST results, the personalized approach, and the hand holding that many people crave.

If you offer a cleanse as a short 1:1 program, you can use it to lead people into a longer coaching program. Once people complete your cleanse, they’re going to want to know what to do next and how to keep feeling great.

You can use the same materials and structure you’d have for a group program, but turn it into a personalized experience. Your program might include:

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Email support
  • Cooking class, to show them how to make some of the foods in the meal plan (totally optional!)
  • Health food store tour, to introduce them to ingredients they’re less familiar with (again – totally optional!)

Offer #2: In-person Group Cleanse Experience
If you love working with groups and the energy that comes from in-person connection, you might want to consider offering a cleanse or detox as a “high end” in-person program.

Again, you can use the same materials and structure you’d have for an online group program, but lead it in-person. Your program might include:

  • Weekly in-person meetings – you can serve some of the food on the cleanse meal plan
  • Support via a Closed Facebook Group
  • Group cooking demo/class, to show them how to make some of the foods in the meal plan (totally optional!)
  • Group health food store tour, to introduce them to ingredients they’re less familiar with (again – totally optional!)

Offer #3: VIP Day with a Cleanse
A VIP Day is where you spend four or five hours, in-person or virtually, with a client. (In the health coaching realm, I think VIP Days work best when they are in-person, but both are possible.)

VIP Days are very attractive to clients because they get what they need from you quickly. Rather than spending months or weeks of coaching with you, they spend the day with you. This means faster results, which is very appealing to most people.

The good news for you is that clients who participate in a VIP Day with you are likely to want more support and hand holding from you after their VIP Day experience.

A sample VIP Day (with a cleanse) could look something like this:

  • You meet at your home (or your client’s home) and give an overview of the cleanse – what they’ll be doing and eating, and what they can expect during the program
  • Go over the sample meal plans and recipes for the cleanse, and create a customized meal plan that will work for your client (based on their likes, dislikes, and how much cooking they want to do)
  • Prepare a healthy lunch together, using recipes from the cleanse, that you enjoy together. (Box up leftovers for them!)
  • Follow-up with a personalized shopping list, based on the meal plan you created together.

After the VIP Day, you can offer email support during the length of their cleanse, and a 30-minute session with you to be used at the end of the cleanse.

Offering a lower-priced online group program will always be a popular option, but now you can see that there are many ways to offer a cleanse in your coaching business.
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Now I’d love to hear from you.
If you’ve offered a cleanse or detox before, how did your program look? If you haven’t yet offered a cleanse or detox, what format would you like to try first?

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