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How To Create A Program That Sells

Create A Program that Sells - Featured

Have you ever spent months trying to get sign-ups, but feel frustrated because no one is biting? The answer is to approach program creation from a different perspective. I’m going to show you exactly how to figure out what your ideal clients want so you can create offerings that are irresistible.
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How To Get More People To Your Website

get more people to your website

Whether your business is focused on your local area or the digital space, your website is a key marketing tool. My guess is that you already know this, and that you’ve put a fair amount of time and money into your website. You want to get more eyes on your website, but you’re not sure what steps to take. There are 7 effective strategies you can use to get more people to your site, and I’m going to break each of these down for you.
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8 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Programs

Use Social Media to Promote Your Programs | Marketing for Health Coaches

Figuring out how to use social media to promote your programs can feel as overwhelming as putting your program together! In this post, I share some creative ways you can promote your program on social media. Try one or more of these ideas to create more energy and engagement around your launch.
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How To Find Your First (Or Next)
Speaking Gig

Find Speaking Gigs | Marketing for Health Coaches

You’ve gotten over your fear of speaking. You’ve come up with a compelling topic. And you’ve even started putting together your outline. Now… you just need to figure out where to get speaking gigs. There are TONS of places where you can give talks. In this post, I’m going to discuss some steps you can take to make a wish list list of places you’d like to get speaking gigs and find new clients.
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Creative Ways To Build Your List

Creative Ways to Build Your List | Marketing for Health Coaches

Building your list is a key component to getting people into your programs and having a successful online business. In this post, I’m sharing several fun and creative strategies to build your list.
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Why You Should Run A Free Challenge

Get Clients by Running a Free Challenge | Marketing for Health Coaches

Running a free challenge is one of the hot topics in the online marketing world these days. Challenges are gaining attention because they work. Running a free challenge is a great way to build your list quickly, engage your audience, and enroll them in a paid program. You too can leverage this trend to build your list of subscribers. In this post, I break down how to create your own free challenge to give your business a big boost this spring.
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What Programs Should Health Coaches Offer When Starting Out?

Programs to Offer When Just Starting Out | Marketing for Health Coaches

If you’re a new health coach, you may be wondering what types of programs to offer. You want to offer programs that are enticing to potential clients AND get them results. In this post, I talk about what programs you should offer and how to structure them so that you can get more clients, more revenue and more buzz about your business!
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How To Get More Clients By Following Up After Your Speaking Gig Or Webinar

Not getting many clients from your speaking gigs? Having a system for following up with your talk attendees will help you grow your list and turn more people into clients. Learn the 3-step follow-up process I used to get clients from each of my health coaching talks.
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How To Offer A VIP Day To Boost Income Fast

Do you ever see social media posts from coaches claiming that they earned multiple 5-figure incomes in just a month, a week, or even a SINGLE DAY? You have to admit – earning that much money, that quickly,would be nice. But how do you do that? In this post, I discuss how you can boost your income in a single month by creating a premium VIP Day offering.
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How To Leverage Social Media When You’re Just Starting Out

Social media can be completely overwhelming – especially when you’re just starting out in your business. There are always new networks popping up, and there’s so much conflicting advice on how to leverage it. How do you know what will work for you and your business? In this post, I’m sharing key tips to successfully leverage social media to grow your business.
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