Can I Show You A Squeeze Page I Love?
(Tips Inside)

When you launch a virtual program, one of most effective strategies is to hold a free teleseminar prior to promoting your program. This is also known as a “preview call.”

I am not going to get into the details of a preview call today, but I want to share the 3 crucial elements you want to have in the squeeze page that promotes a free teleseminar. (Some people use the terms “landing page” or “opt-in page” instead of squeeze page, but it is essentially the same thing.)

I recently wrote and designed a squeeze page to promote a free teleseminar call that my client, Karen Schachter, is holding to generate interest in an upcoming program.

Click here to check out the squeeze page. (This will open in a new window so you can refer to it as you read my tips below.)


On to the 3 crucial elements you want to have in the squeeze page that promotes a free teleseminar…


1. A headline that tells your audience they are in the right place.

In Karen’s case this is “Attention Moms,” because this is clearly her audience. Then it continues to clarify who this is for by saying “Are you worried about your daughter’s weight and self-image?”

Now, if you were a mom who was concerned about this topic, you would want to read further. Similarly, if you were a mom with boys you would quickly know this was not for you, but you might think of friends for whom this call would be helpful.

Click here to check out Karen’s headline.

By-the-way, if this topic is of interest to you, I highly encourage you to register for this call. I’ve gotten a sneak peek of the content and it is going to be a fantastic call.

In this call Karen will teach you everything she’s learned through her work with hundreds of clients so you can avoid some of the biggest mistakes she sees smart moms make, and instead facilitate true health (and a healthy weight and body image) for your daughter. It’s not easy raising a girl these days, so Karen will identify the key things you MUST know.

2. Strategically placed opt-in boxes.

An opt-in box is where people can enter their name and email and register for the call. The sole purpose of this page is to encourage people to enter their name and email address, so you want the opt-in boxes to very visible.

In Karen’s case, we placed one form to the right of the title of the call. On most computer screens this means you don’t have scroll to see the form. This is very important.

We then included a second form at the bottom of the page. Why did we put a form all the way down there? Some people will want to read everything on the page before taking any action. If someone goes to the effort to read the entire page, they are likely interested in the content. We wanted to make it easy for them to register for the call by having a form at the bottom. This way, they don’t have to go to the effort to scroll to the top of the page.

Click here to check out Karen’s opt-in boxes.

3. Compelling bulleted statements that tell your audience what they will get out of the call.

Even when something is free, you still have to “sell” it. Let’s face it, we are all busy and the content of your free call has to be extremely compelling for people to carve out time to attend.

Use a few carefully crafted statements to:

  • position yourself as an expert
  • let your audience know that they haven’t been told the whole truth, when it comes to your topic (this will generate interest)
  • create mystery (this will generate curiosity)
  • and let your audience know that the call will be content-rich

Click here to check out Karen’s well-crafted copy.

Use these strategies on your next squeeze page and to revise any existing squeeze pages you have. Remember, the wonderful thing about the web is that it is easy to make changes.

To your success,

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