How to Build Your Skills and Confidence as a Health Coach

A couple of months ago, I had to help my older daughter through something really difficult.

She has a chronic health condition and her doctor recommended we implement a 2 week protocol that was somewhat invasive.

For months we didn’t take action because my daughter was vehemently opposed to doing this, and I wanted to wait until she was on board.

It eventually became clear to my husband and I that this needed to be a parental decision. We had to be the ones to move forward with this protocol.

I needed to step into my confidence and my own power as a parent…despite my daughter’s repeated objections.

I remember saying to her “I’ve got you. I can hold you through this process. I know it’s going to be OK.”

My daughter needed reassurance and she questioned me by asking, “Really? You can?”

I said “Yes, I can.”

I didn’t just SAY these words. I FELT them with my whole being.

This is what my daughter needed to feel safe and comfortable.

It took me time to build this confidence. It didn’t come naturally to me. I tapped into my support systems, including my daughter’s therapist and a circle of women I’m close with who all held ME through this process.

While I’ve always had a motherly, nurturing essence to me (even as a child), I wasn’t born knowing how to parent, especially in the face of complicated, difficult situations like this.

These are things I’ve had to learn and get support with along the way.

The same is true of marketing.

We’re not born knowing how to parent, and we’re not born knowing how to market.

It’s not built into our DNA. And it’s not a moral failing to need support.

Knowing how to be a wellness practitioner and knowing how to be a successful business owner are NOT the same thing.

Nutrition school prepared you to work with clients…but didn’t necessarily teach you how to get those clients in the door!

Luckily, getting clients is a teachable skill.

 Build your skills and confidence as a health coach with the guidance I'm sharing in this post.

Knowing that, here’s my guidance for you to build your skills and confidence…

  1. Focus your health coaching practice on a specialty you feel passionate and confident about.
  2. Map out your client-getting programs, so you have offerings you’re excited to talk about and feel confident leading participants through.
  3. Figure out which marketing strategies draw on your natural strengths and are the best fit for YOU and YOUR business.
  4. Learn how to “close the deal” with potential clients in a way that is effective and feels authentic.
  5. Have someone guiding and supporting you with your marketing – as well as a community of peers supporting you.

When you build your skills and confidence, you can experience results like our client, Anu Simh….

“I used the Closing the Deal strategies we learned in the Health Coach Profit Lab retreat and I signed up a client last week for my VIP 90 day program! For the first time I feel I’m getting the money I deserve for the work I put in!!”

This is what happens when you get support.

There’s no shame in needing help. The real shame would be to not get support and not be able to share your gifts and knowledge with all the people who need you!

We often need some guidance to reach our full potential. :)

Now I’d love to hear from you!
What’s one area of your business you’d love to get help with?

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