11 Experts Give Their Best Advice To
Boost Your Business

boost your business

When I was a new health coach, there weren’t many resources available to learn how to create and run a successful business.

After our health coaching training, we were just sent out into the wild to figure it all out for ourselves!

Luckily, times have changed.

Now there are amazing mentors and experts who can shorten your learning curve when it comes to being an impactful practitioner, creating amazing programs, and marketing effectively.

And lucky for me, I have gotten to know many of these amazing women over the years!

Being able to collaborate with such brilliant coaches and teachers has been an honor, and I am consistently impressed with the trainings and resources they’re creating for our communities.

And now I want YOU to get your hands on all of these amazing resources!

With that in mind, I reached out to my friends & colleagues and put together the ultimate resource package for you! I’m thrilled to share the 2nd Annual FREE Marketing for Health Coaches Business Booster Pack, that’s filled with all kinds of tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources from some of my closest business friends to supercharge your health coaching business.

And to give you a sneak peak of all the tips and amazing business ideas you’re going to get inside, I’ve asked each of the expert contributors to share their top tip to boost your business this summer.

Read on to find some serious marketing gems!

top tips to boost your business

Andrea Nakayama

A functional nutrition approach

We hear from health coaches every day that fear they don’t have the training or skill to see clients with significant health problems.

What they’re missing are tools and systems.

Want to be recognized as the expert from your very first session, so your clients keep coming back?

You need two things:

  1. An Intake Form that can uncover answers nobody else has been able to find
  2. A series of questions that lead you to the root causes of your client’s issues

(Good news – Andrea shares both her Intake Form and these key questions in the Functional Nutrition 101 ebook which you can get for free in the bundle.)

My success in clinical practice was built on constantly reframing the questions I was asking and looking at cases through myriad lenses. This approach took time, persistence, and determination, but also empathy, and even love.

Learn about the approach Andrea has taken to uplevel your client experience and results by getting her “Functional Nutrition Mastery Bundle.”
Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Lisa Fraley

Protecting yourself legally

In order to protect your income, you can’t leave yourself vulnerable to requests for refunds for your group programs and online courses.

How do you protect your income?

Have a super-clear written refund policy in your sales terms. You’ve got to spell it out. Will you:

  • give a full refund?
  • partial refund?
  • no refund at all?

Your clients need to know up front when buying your program whether or not you give refunds and under what circumstances.

It’s not enough to have your refund policy on your sales page or website. You want to make sure that you have strong, written sales terms that your purchaser agreed to when they click ‘buy now’ to purchase your program so they can’t later deny that weren’t aware of your refund policy.

Learn all about protecting yourself legally is Lisa’s “5 Must-Have Legal Sections for Your Sales Terms.”
Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Alysa Rushton

Shift Your Mindset

When it comes to getting clients, boosting your biz and creating even more income, your mental game is every bit as important as your marketing game.

By working daily to retrain your mind and energy, you can have the business that you desire. Get ready for amazing results!

Attract more of the right types of clients and magnetize greater amounts of abundance & money with Alysa’s “Free Energy Alignment Series & Subliminal Affirmations for Abundance.”
Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Kylie Malcolm

The power of done-for-you content

Raise your hand if:

  • You feel like you’re scrambling to create content that gets you likes and love on your Facebook or Instagram.
  • You don’t have an ebook or lead magnet that is growing your email list
  • You struggle with your website because it’s not getting you seen online or the clients you need

Carefully crafted done-for-you content and high converting website design will save you so much time – and sanity!

I see a lot of health coaches struggling to create the kind of content that attracts their audience. They put so much time into writing ebooks or blog posts and creating social media content only to hear crickets when they publish it. Or getting frustrated and overwhelmed at trying to design a website that truly represents who they are.

The truth is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to attract an audience online. As a health coach, you are busy doing so many other things – like holding discovery calls, giving talks, and serving your clients. You probably don’t have time to be creating viral-worthy content every week!

There is so much done-for-you content available in the wellness industry and busy health coaches should take advantage. Whether it’s a website template, a blog post, a lead magnet or a Facebook post.

When you use proven marketing content and put your spin on it, you not only save a ton of time, but you’ll start to see your audience responding, too.

Take back your time and sanity with the “The Ultimate Online Coaching Content Kit” from Kylie Malcolm.
Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Lorene Sauro

Solidifying your email list

My biggest piece of advice? Solidify your email list. One lead magnet is not enough. You need multiple free gifts and a nurture sequence.

In Lorene’s “Done-for-You Lead Magnets & A Funnel” you’ll be to grow your list and build a relationship with your new audience.
Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Jamie Jones

Show your clients a different path

I firmly believe THE most powerful thing you can do as a Health Coach is to teach people that an “all or nothing” mentality with healthy eating is NOT healthy.

The #1 thing I hear from people is giving up sweets is what holds them back from transforming their eating habits.

What if you — a health coach — taught them they don’t have to give up their sweet tooth to live a healthy lifestyle? There are healthier options, all they need is for you to show them! Your incredible job is teaching people how to live, unrestricted, happy, and healthy.

Solve people’s number one problem with healthy living with Jamie’s “Done-for-You Eating with Intention Program & Guilt-Free Dessert Series”. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Briena Sash

Creating a cohesive visual brand

Did you know, the average person spends only 10 seconds on your website before deciding whether they’re interested in sticking around?

Those 10 seconds are entirely made up of VISUAL impressions, and have a huge impact on how your visitors will view your business now and in the future.

Beautiful branding isn’t a luxury item to invest in “once things get off the ground”. It’s a necessity from the very get-go in order to get your biz noticed, remembered, and trusted by the right people.

But how do you know which look is best for your business, authentic to you, and will attract the RIGHT people? Here are a few tips:

  • Your logo is not your brand
  • Get clear on your niche, ideal client, what you do and what makes you unique
  • Ask yourself “how can I be attractive to my ideal client?”
  • Think about how you want to make your prospects FEEL when they interact with your brand
  • Remember, your favorite color isn’t always the best color for your brand
  • Hold off on your logo design until you have clarity around your brand elements, like your colors + fonts – You want your entire online presence to be cohesive
  • If you don’t have a design background, tap into resources that can help assure your brand turns out looking professional
You can dive even deeper into these tips and tap into all the resources you need to design your own unique, authentic brand in Briena’s “Health Coach Branding Bundle”. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Leesa Klich

Work smarter by getting seen

TRUTH: You DON’T need to publish amazing blog posts every week for years to become visible in this crowded online market.

What you DO need are a few worthwhile strategies that get your very best articles in front of lots and lots of potential ideal clients.


Become known as THE “go-to” expert in your field with Leesa’s “Ramp up Your Visibility by Getting Your Blog Posts in Front of Waaaay More People”. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Krista Goncalves

Start telling stories

Want to know what the new trend in copywriting is?

Well, it’s something that has been a staple for content writers for quite some time. It’s the use of storytelling (and even humor) to persuade a reader to think and feel a certain way about something – that being a product, program or service.

Learn how to harness the power of storytelling in your own writing and you’ll see your wellness business grow.

Overcome your fear of writing for (and about) yourself so you can publish the juiciest content that your target audience will be eager to consume with Krista’s “The Guide to Confidently DIY’ing Your Own Content & Copy”. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Jessica Drummond

Choosing your niche

Choosing your niche goes deeper than just your marketing message. It permeates everything that you do in your practice, teaching, and relationship building.

When you get niche clarity, it becomes easy to grow your practice because you will immediately fit into the ecosystem of that niche through how you care for your clients, your marketing, and your collaborating network.

Finally choose your niche market and get clear on your ideal client in Jessica’s How to Build YOUR Ideal Women’s Health Practice. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.

Amy Lippmann

Booking talks to get more clients

Giving talks (locally and online) is one of the quickest and most effective ways to enroll private coaching clients AND fill your group programs (such as cleanses and detoxes).

One of the biggest fears you might have about giving talks is that no one will show up.

When you put time and energy into creating a talk, getting all your materials ready, and clearing your calendar for the day of the event, you want to make sure people show up!

One way to do this is to give talks at places that are going to do most (if not all) of the promotion for you.

The best place to give talks are:

  • Venues or groups your target clients frequent
  • Places that have a large following that they can promote the talk to
  • Venues or groups that have a history of hosting talks that are well attended

Pro Tip: Want a guaranteed audience? Give talks to groups that have regular meetings.

If you’re still unsure exactly where to give talks, I’ve got you covered. In my “Quick Start Guide to Giving & Booking Client-Getting Talks” I share 27 places to book talks, along with email templates for booking talks that you can copy and paste. Click here to get access to it in the Business Booster Pack.


Want access to content from all of these experts?

Join the 2nd Annual FREE Marketing for Health Coaches Business Booster Pack, that’s filled with all kinds of tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources from some of my closest business friends to supercharge your health coaching business.

Health Coach Business Booster Pack


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  1. Efren says:

    Thank you so much for your invitation, I am excited to learn from your total presentation.

    I’ve been a motivational speaker for 25 years, and retired, but I don’t like retirement, and I am trying to go back to speaking and want to become a life coach, and I’m hoping your presentation can get me started.

    I read your book and I already some of your information in writing to a corporation for speaking in their events.

    In two hours, you helped me more than anyone has in the years I’ve been online.

    Thank you so much, I am excited for your event, again Muchas Gracias!!!

  2. Sherly Belony says:

    This is yet the best resources ever, Amy I can’t thank you enough for your support and generosity. I know how busy you must be to take out of your day to support health coaches. You rock!

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