How To Be Booked Out As A Health Coach

booked out

Imagine this…

You have a full load of clients and a lineup of interested prospects waiting to grab the next spot on your calendar.

Your business feels easier than it ever has, not because you’re not working hard but because everything is flowing.

You’re less stressed because there’s money coming in. You’re paying yourself a consistent salary from your business. You finally feel financially stable.

You stop lying awake at night wondering if you can really make a go of being a health coach.

And you feel great because you’re doing the work you love – helping people to live a healthier, happier life.

Does the prospect of being booked solid – and maybe even having a waiting list of clients wanting to work with you – seem like pretty big leap from where you’re at right now?

I’m here to tell you – this can be your reality!

Being booked out as a health coach isn’t just a dream. It happens for so many coaches out there, and of course, it can happen for you.

While there are lots of pieces that go into a successful health coaching practice, there are 3 major things you can do to be booked out.

They don’t require complicated Facebook marketing strategies or a big email list…just some planning and a solid strategy.

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These are the 3 steps to being booked out as a health coach.

#1 Create A Great Offer

Coaches that are booked out have a great offer. They create a compelling offer or program that their clients really want.

What makes a great offer? It’s simple…

A great offer speaks to the problems, pain points and goals of your ideal client.

As I talk about in this free mini-training, it might seem like offering a very broad range of programs that serve everyone would help you get more clients. If you’re serving everyone, your pool of potential clients is much bigger, right?

Not exactly. If you try to create programs that will help everyone, it’s likely they won’t resonate with many potential clients.

Get specific!

The language you use when communicating with them will be more impactful if you get specific.

Imagine telling someone you could help them lose weight. While people may want this result, they hear this messaging all the time and it’s easy to ignore.

Now imagine telling a woman in her 50s that you help peri-menopausal and menopausal women lose excess weight that often comes when the metabolism slows down during menopause. Far more specific and relatable.

When you create a specific offer or program that serves your ideal clients, you will be able to clearly communicate:

  • Who you help
  • The problems you help them to solve
  • The outcomes they can expect
  • What the process looks like

Creating a specific offer also helps you to explain what you do to potential referral partners. Once they know who you help, they’ll be able to send your ideal clients right to you.

Your offer doesn’t have to be flashy or totally unique. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! It just has to speak to the problems your clients want help with.

Once your potential clients know exactly what you do and who you help, it’s time to get them on the phone!

#2 Get People Into Free Consultations

Free consultations – discovery sessions, nutrition strategy sessions, or whatever you call them in your coaching practice – are one of the most important tools a coach has for getting booked out.

These calls can take a prospect from “I’m curious to learn more” to “How soon can we get started?” in a hurry!

Consultations work. They help to build trust and rapport with a prospective client, because you’re really just having a conversation about how you can help them. Sometimes they feel like you’re already working together, so closing the sale becomes even easier.

During a free consult, take a bit of time to understand what your prospective client is going through. What are their issues or pain points right now? What have they tried that hasn’t worked? What’s holding them back? What are their big goals?

Once you know where they’re at, you can speak to how you can help them overcome their struggles and reach their goals. This is your chance to show them that working with you is the answer to their struggles!

You want the prospective client to leave that call feeling complete confidence in you and your ability to help them.

What I love about free consults is that they’re a sales tool that doesn’t have to feel…‘salesy’. With the right structure and a bit of practice, anyone can be completely comfortable doing these calls and turning prospects into excited clients.

#3 Use Numbers to Set Goals

I’m not saying you need to be a math whiz or an accountant to be booked out! But you should have an idea of your goals in terms of desired revenue and target number of clients.

When you’re doing free consultations, many of those calls will turn into paying clients. This is called your ‘close rate’. Once you have an idea of your close rate, you can estimate how many free consults you need to do each month to reach your desired goal.

Let’s say you want to bring in 4 new clients each month to reach your target revenue goals. And let’s assume that you have a close rate of 70-75%. That means you need to book 6 free consultations in a month to close 4 new clients.

If your close rate is closer to 50%, you need to get 8 free consults to get those 4 clients.

If you’re working full time and can only handle 2 clients each month, that means you need to book 3 free consultations.

And the great thing is, once you get more practice doing free consultations your close rate will improve. You could be closing 80% or more of your prospective clients!

By focusing on booking free consultations and improving your sales skills, you can be on your way to being booked out as a health coach! #livingthedream

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Are you currently offering a free initial consultation in your practice? If so, how are they going for you? How often are you turning prospects into clients?

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