Asking For Help Is For Everyone (Including Me!)

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There’s a very popular business book called The E-Myth Revisited. The book talks about how most entrepreneurs want to start a business because they are great at what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to run a business. Asking for help is critical!

Imagine a chef that went to culinary school and decides to open a restaurant. They might be an amazing chef who knows a lot about food, but that doesn’t mean they know every detail about running a restaurant.

There’s creating the menu, hiring and training staff, marketing the business, accounting… and culinary school doesn’t cover these aspects of running a restaurant.

It doesn’t mean they CAN’T run a successful restaurant. It just means they need help in the areas they aren’t an expert in.

This happens in every field – accountants, bakers, car mechanics, artists – and yes – even health coaches.

But the most successful business owners come to realize that getting support is critical to their success.

As a health coach, you go through a great deal of training to be able to work in this field. But that training covers nutrition & wellness, not running a business.

Yet for some reason…

Health coaches seem to feel shame around asking for help with their businesses.

Do you find yourself having this conversation with yourself…

“I should be able to turn my health coaching practice into a successful business on my own. I’m smart, motivated and passionate about health and wellness. I’m sure I can figure it out. The marketing gurus make it look so easy.”

I’m here to tell you…this is a myth!

The reason many health coaches struggle to make money is because they think they should be able to do it all on their own.

They *think* they shouldn’t need more than the information they received in health coaching school. And they even feel shame about asking for support.

After having worked with hundreds of coaches, I see this reluctance in asking for help a lot.

But I also see the coaches who get over this reluctance… They get the support and the guidance they need, and they quit wasting time struggling with the pieces they don’t know. And their businesses take off!.

Not only do they get a clear path forward, but they save so much time.

Many of the health coaches I work with have limited time to work on their businesses, so every minute counts. Maybe you can relate.

Getting support and guidance allows them to hone in on what works and focus their efforts, so they can make the most of their precious time.

Running a health coaching business is so much more than knowing about nutrition.

You have to know about marketing, creating programs, leading clients through a program, designing marketing materials, and all the technical stuff.

You might not even know where to ask for help first.

I get it! It can be overwhelming!

And if you’re feeling that overwhelm – like there’s so much to do and learn, and you have no idea what to do next – the best form of help for you might be a ready-to-launch program.

A quality ready-to-launch program (also called a done-for-you program) gives you everything you need to offer a proven program to your clients.

A GREAT ready-to-launch program also teaches you how to market your program, with done-for-you marketing materials you can use with ease.

They’re a great way to gain momentum in your business without having to start from scratch.

Using a done-for-you cleanse can give you the help you need to grow your business

I’ve been sharing Brooke Archer’s story with you. She used our done-for-you cleanse while she was finishing school and she enrolled 50 people in one year.

Using our done-for you cleanse, Brooke learned how to:

  • Find her audience and engage her community
  • Attract and enroll people into her cleanse
  • Use our pre-written templates and tech tutorials to launch her program and start working with clients quickly
  • Lead a cleanse that inspired 30% of participants to continue working with her as 1-on-1 clients

Not only was she able to learn and implement everything in a short period of time, she was able to fast-track launching a program because the ready-to-launch cleanse is, well… ready to launch!

Creating all of the material to run a successful cleanse or detox program can take months and delay you from working with actual clients and earning an income.

Had Brooke NOT used the program – had she decided to do it all herself and not ask for help – she might still be trying to figure out what to include in her cleanse program, how to write a sales page, how to create and design marketing materials, and how to lead clients through successfully.

By asking for help and finding the done-for-you cleanse, Brooke was able to get her business off the ground while she was still in school, building up a roster of clients and referrals.

Instead of spending her limited time trying to figure out all of the marketing and business pieces on her own, she got the guidance and support of a mentor and community, and the templates and lessons she needed to implement everything quickly.

Asking for help can be the difference between having a hobby & a business!

Asking for help gives you the roadmap to success.

You can have a story like Brooke’s. New coaches that ask for help, seek out mentors, and use tried-and-tested materials in their business are far more likely to succeed than those who try to go it alone.

I love seeing how the coaches who use our done-for-you programs grow exponentially once they get the help they need.

They get answers. They get guidance. They get the tools and materials to move forward quickly. And they start to see their business grow.

I want that success for every health coach! I want that for you. Because the world needs your talents and your gifts.

You’re here to provide support and expert guidance to people with health and wellness challenges. Don’t you owe it to yourself, and those you want to help, to get the support that will enable you to grow your business?

Let’s get rid of the shame around asking for support, so every health coach can experience success and share their gifts.

Now I’d love to hear from you
How has asking for help propelled your business forward? Have you been holding back from asking for help in certain areas of your business?


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