Have you asked yourself “why”?

In last week’s webinar on how to easily structure, market, and fill online wellness programs, Andrea Nakayama and I kicked things off by discussing why you might want to offer a group program.

Connecting with this is critical, but it often gets missed. You’ll find that by slowing down long enough to get clear on your why, you’ll be infinitely more successful.

Here are a few reasons you might want to offer a group program…

  • You might want to offer something that’s less expensive, and therefore more accessible, than private coaching.
  • You might want to use a lower-cost entry-level program to generate interest in your private coaching. You know that once people get a taste of what it’s like to work with you that they’ll want more.
  • You might feel burnt out from private coaching and want to move more of your work to groups.
  • Maybe your time is limited and you want to be able to help more people all at one time.

These are all smart and valid business reasons to offer an online wellness program, and it’s important to have clarity on this.

But what about the deeper reason – the one that has nothing to do with what makes business sense?

When I create a new program, my deeper reason for creating it is always fueled by a personal mission. It’s fueled by the feeling that I have something to share that’s going to help you build a successful business – quickly.

If you’re thinking about offering a group program, I encourage you to tap into your deeper reason.

Your deeper “why” could be that…

  • You believe in the power of groups to get people to commit to making changes and give people the sense of community they need and crave.
  • You know that when people participate in a nutrition program and clean up their diet, that it will catapult an amazing host of other positive changes in their life.
  • Your audience thinks they’re eating healthy and you feel driven to educate them in a fun way, and have them experience what happens when they truly eat a healthy diet.

Why is it critical that you tap into this deeper “why”?

First, when you tap into this bigger, personal reason, you’re connecting with why YOU want to do this. This means that it’s going to feel like (and become) an important mission – not just something you “should” do because it makes business sense.

Second, by getting clear on this deeper reason, you’re connecting with what’s in it for your participants. You’re connecting with why and how it is going to help them. This puts you in a place of being of service.

Third, when you have conviction about how powerful your program is and how it’s going to help your participants, you’re going to feel so much more confident and comfortable promoting your program. When you promote, you’ll be coming from a place of service – a place of not wanting people to miss out on something that you know is going to help them.

Fourth, when you feel confident about the power of your program, your audience will feel that and they’ll want to come on board.


Now I’d love to hear from you.
What is your business reason for offering a group program? And what’s your deeper, personal “why”? Please share your answers below.


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