Afraid no one will sign up for your program?

When thinking about launching a new program, do you get stopped by the fear that people may not be interested in what you have to offer?

It can be scary to put yourself out there! I know because I’ve been there. 

Back when I was a health coach, I put a huge amount of time into creating a free video series about sugar. My plan was to lead people into a short private coaching program to help them reduce sugar cravings, have more energy, and lose weight.

After all that effort, I only had one person sign up for the program. 

Boy was that a humbling experience!

Today I am going to share what you can do BEFORE you create a new program and what you can do when you are IN THE MIDDLE of a launch to increase enrollments.


What can you do before you create a new program to increase enrollments?

The most important thing to do is to understand what your audience wants. Watch out for creating programs that excite you, but don’t meet the needs of your audience.

Learning what your audience wants (and why they want it) will not only help you determine what to offer, but also how to position the offer.

Here are a few ways to learn what your audience wants:

  • Send out a survey
  • Pay attention to what your private coaching clients are wanting most from you
  • Get on the phone and speak to a few people on your list who are engaged in what you’re doing
  • Do a focus group with past or perspective clients

This may feel like a lot of work, but it will be well worth it!


What can you do if you are mid-launch to increase enrollments?

Lets say you are a few days into your launch and you have only had a handful of enrollments.

First, make sure your putting enough attention on promotion. Most people will need to hear from you several times before they take any action.

Second, look at your list size. Getting 10% of your list to enroll in a program is a very high conversation rate.  For many, a 3-5% conversation rate is more realistic.

Once you have a sense of what you can realistically expect in terms of enrollment, have conversations with a few people on your list and get their feedback on the program. Ask if they are considering participating in the program and why or why not. If they are not considering enrolling, ask them what they would ideally love for you to offer.

Even though you’re mid-launch, it’s not too late to make some changes, based on the feedback you received, such as tweaking:

  • Sales page copy
  • Promotional email copy
  • The program offering
  • Or offering extended payment plan

If you need extra time to do all of this, you can give yourself permission to delay the start of the program by a week or two.


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