9 Proven Ways to Promote Your Cleanse

If you’re like most of the clients I work with, you’re excited about offering a fun and powerful program, such as a cleanse or detox.

You love the idea of guiding participants through a transformational experience – one that opens their eyes to how GOOD they can feel when they clean up their diet.

But then comes the “P” word… promotion.

How, exactly, can you get people interested in your program?

Does it seem like other coaches magically enroll people in their cleanses and detoxes?

Do you feel at a loss, wondering what works and what doesn’t work?

Today, I’m going to share 9 proven ways to promote your next program. These are all strategies my clients and I have personally used – so I know they work.

As you read through these different strategies, some will appeal to you more than others. This is totally OK! Choose the strategies that you feel draw on your strengths – as well as the ones that you feel will get you the best results.

Warning: This may mean stretching a bit out of your comfort zone :).

Now on to the strategies…

Leave Flyers at Targeted Locations

I’m not necessarily a fan of leaving flyers in random places around town, because in my experience this isn’t very effective. But, magic can happen when you leave flyers in targeted locations that reach your ideal clients. One of our clients had great results leaving flyers at the Cardio Barre studio she attends. Think about locations that have foot traffic and attract an audience that’s interested in what you have to offer. (Our ready-to-launch cleanse/detox program comes with a beautiful customizable flyer you can use.)

Line Up a Local Promotional Partner

I know the word “partner” may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. A promotional partner is simply someone (or a company) that promotes your program to their customers/clients. You can offer promotional partners a commission on sales they bring your way, or some partners may just be happy to share your amazing program with their audience.

When thinking about potential promotional partners, think about people/companies that offer something complimentary to what you offer. Fitness-related promotional partners typically work well for cleanses and detoxes. This could be a gym, personal trainer, bootcamps, pilates or yoga studios, CrossFit, spinning studios, or CardioBarre or other “Barre” workout studios.

Line Up an Online Promotional Partner

If you want to expand outside of your local area, lining up an online promotional partner is a great way to do this. Again, you can offer promotional partners a commission on sales they bring your way, or some partners may just be happy to share your amazing program with their audience.

Just like with a local promotional partner, brainstorm a list of people who attract a similar audience to you, but offer something complimentary to what you offer. (While this isn’t always the case, other health coaches typically aren’t good promotional partners because there’s too much overlap.) Also, think about people who have a decent sized email list and/or a strong social media following.

Examples might be fitness-related entrepreneurs who have an online business, life coaches, relationship or parenting coaches, or a business coach.

Speak at Networking Groups

If you’re a member of, or attend, local networking groups, use them as a platform to spread the word about your program. One of our clients, who didn’t have a big email list, asked the groups in her area if there were opportunities to speak. Whether she spoke for 30 seconds or an hour, she found this to be her most powerful marketing strategy.

When you do speak, don’t go into a lot of detail about the program. Focus on making a connection by sharing your story and the results people can expect during the program.

Host a Cooking Demo & Info Session

Food is a big piece of cleanses, detoxes, and other nutrition programs – and people LOVE food. One of the common fears people have about participating in a cleanse or detox is that they won’t like the food and that they’ll feel hungry and deprived.

A cooking demo is a great way to give people a taste of how amazing the food is. This also gives you the opportunity to share information about the program and answer questions. You can promote it as a fun “ladies night out” or “mom’s night out.”

This is something you can host in your home or at a local venue that draws foot traffic.

Give Live Talks

The most powerful way to be seen as an expert – and get potential clients to know, like, and trust you – is by giving talks. If you’re starting out and don’t have a big email list, speaking in your local area is a great way to generate interest in your program.

Speak on a topic that’s related to the program you’re offering. For example: if your audience’s main pain point is weight loss, and you’re going to offer a detox that is focused on food sensitivities, you could offer a preview call called “Food Sensitivities & How They Are Effecting Your Weight Loss Resistance.” At the end of the call you’ll invite people into your detox.

When thinking where to give talks, brainstorm places that attract your ideal clients and offer something complimentary to what you offer. Again, fitness-related venues are great places to start!

Email Your List

Whether you have 50 people or 2,000 people on your list, don’t forget about emailing your list of subscribers. These people are interested in hearing from you and want to know about your programs.

I know it can feel uncomfortable to promote to your list, because you don’t want to feel salesy. Think about your promotional emails as an opportunity to invite your list into an experience that you know will help them.

Attend Health Fairs

When I was a health coach, I attended a couple of health fairs and, quite honestly, I thought they were a waste of time. At these fairs, I was focused on getting people interested in private coaching.

What I’ve since discovered is that I could have been more effective if I used health fairs as an opportunity to promote a cleanse or detox.

One of our clients has used health fairs as her main promotional strategy for enrolling over 110 people in her detoxes. Every time she attends a health fair, she uses the detox to inspire people to take action right away.

Plan to have your program start 2 weeks after the event. Bring flyers promoting your program, and motivate people to take action right away by offering a discount and taking payment on the spot. (You can use PayPal Here to swipe their card.)

Talk it Up with Friends, Family & Acquaintances

While most of the strategies above are designed to help you reach beyond your personal network, don’t forget to talk up your program with friends, family, and acquaintances.

A great way to “talk it up” is to share your experience. When people ask how you are, you can share that you’ve just completed an amazing cleanse program, and share the results you experienced. And when people ask you “what’s new” or “how’s work,” share that you’re putting the finishing touches on a 7 Day Detox program. This will peak people’s interest.

You can do this in one-on-one conversations you have with people, via email, or by posting in any Facebook groups or other online groups (like neighborhood groups and mom’s groups) you belong to. (If posting in a group, be aware of any posting guidelines. Some groups don’t allow you to promote, though you may be able to have friends post on your behalf.)

There you have it! Nine promotional strategies that work.

The intention here isn’t for you to implement all of these strategies. That would be much too overwhelming for even the most seasoned coach.

If you’re launching your first program, I suggest you choose 1-3 of the strategies above to focus on. The second time you offer a program, you can add an additional strategy to the mix – while zeroing in on which strategies are most effective for you.

Now I’d love to hear from you!
If you’ve offered a program before, how did you promote it? If you are interested in offering a program, which one of the strategies are you excited to try out?

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