5 Steps to a Program that Sells

When I was in my twenties, living in the Boston-area, I loved to throw parties. Back then, I liked big parties, so I invited everyone I knew and told them to bring friends.

The day of the party, I’d whip up my (then) famous sangria, put out my favorite party-food, and turn on the music.

And then I’d wait.

Luckily, I had roommates, so I wasn’t waiting alone, but there was always a period of time when I wondered if people would show up.

I’d start questioning myself…

Maybe people don’t want to come to my party.
Maybe they have better places to be.
Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown this party.

After a little while, people always started drifting in and I quickly forgot about the fear of the party flopping.

Having a “successful” party made me feel loved and it boosted my confidence.

I find that promoting a new offering takes me on a similar emotional rollercoaster.

There’s always that point where I wonder, “will people sign up?”

It’s easy to take the outcome personally – after all, it’s your business.

Have you thought about offering a new program, but worry no one will sign up?

It takes bravery to put yourself out there. I want you to be brave and strategic.

If you have a smart plan in place, it’s much easier to take the leap.

This is why, today, I’m sharing 5 steps to a program that sells.
Step 1: Determine what your audience cares about MOST.

People usually have several areas they want to improve, but there’s usually one major pain point or goal they have.


  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • fertility
  • digestive issues

The main pain point or goal is something they think about daily – so they’ll be very motivated to make a change.
Step 2: Niche your program
Whether or not you have identified a niche for your business, you can still have a niche for your program.

Use the pain point you identified in step 1, and have your program focus on that particular topic.

For example, let’s say you serve women who are trying to conceive. You can offer a cleanse or detox that focuses on fertility.
Step 3: Name your program
Using your chosen niche for inspiration, come up with a name for your program that makes it clear who this is for and what problem it solves.
If we stick with the fertility example, you could name the program “Optimize Your Fertility in 21 Days.”
Step 4: Communicate the niche in your marketing
When you market your program, have your promotional emails, social media posts, and sales page copy clearly convey who this program is for and how it will help them.
Step 5: Customize the content
Whether you’re using your own content, or a done-for-you program, such as our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse/Detox, tweak the content so it works for your niche.
You can easily do this by:

  • making simple changes to the recipes and menu plan
  • adding in specific supplements or herbs that will support your participants main goal
  • adding in targeted lifestyle practices such as meditation, specific yoga poses, mantras, using a tongue scraper, etc.


There you have it – 5 steps to a program that sells. You’ll find that when you follow these steps, your audience will be drawn to what you have to offer, and you won’t have to wonder if people will sign up.

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