The Proven Talk Structure (That Gets You Clients)

Here’s a mistake that so many coaches make… and it’s really easy to do.

It’s the mistake of simply giving informational talks.

Yes, you absolutely want your talks to be filled with valuable content.

But solely sharing information doesn’t help your audience to want to work with you.

Why? Because people can get FREE information from the internet. They actually need YOU to help them make the changes.

So instead of giving an information-only talk, you want to follow a proven structure that allows you to give great content, while also setting the audience up to want to work with you.

Doing this gets your audience excited about the possibilities of working with you!

To help you have massive success with your next talk, watch this video, where share the proven talk structure (that gets you clients).

In this video I share the exact structure we use in our Done-for-You Wellness Talks that coaches are using every month to attract new clients.

Go ahead and tune in and learn how to create a talk that does the selling for you, and gets your talk attendees eager to enroll in one of your programs!


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