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How I Get In The Creative Zone To Write
(And You Can Too)

Get in the creative zone and beat writers block | Marketing For Health Coaches

Do you struggle with writing newsletters, blog posts, promotional emails, sales page copy, teleseminar, or any other type of content? In school I struggled with writing. I was always adjusting the font size and margins so I would meet the …
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What comes first… the list or the launch?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your business because you’re not sure what to do first? As a business owner with limited time, you don’t want to spin your wheels. And this means taking the right actions in the right …
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How do you get them interested in your program?

I’m excited to share about today’s topic, because it’s one that can make a dramatic impact on your ability to enroll more people in your programs. One of the often missed pieces when launching a program is offering free content. …
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Great survey questions to ask (template inside)

When developing your offerings, it’s important not to guess at what your audience wants.  You always want to ask them. Gathering this critical information will help to insure that the time you spend developing and marketing your offerings will be …
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A plan for your week, month and year

Last week, we talked about how taking on too much can not only cause burn out, but can also sabotage your business. I’ve certainly had times when I‘ve committed to too many projects and can’t put 100% into everything I’m …
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Is Taking On Too Much Sabotaging Your Business?

When we take on multiple projects at the same time, it’s almost impossible to do them well. How can you make smart decisions when it comes to determining what to take on? In this post, I share how to determine where you should be spending your time and energy.
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Fun, quick, and inexpensive list building strategy

If you’re like me and the majority of the clients we work with, I’m guessing that you would love to grow your list. Growing your list means that you’ll have a larger audience to market your offerings to – especially …
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When to email potential clients

Do you ever find that when you make offers that your list isn’t very responsive?  Could it be the timing of your offer? When thinking about when to make an offer, keep in mind that your audience is most engaged …
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How much should you give away for free?

Last week, I was on the phone with a client and we were mapping out her free gift and what will be included in it. Then the question arose… “How much should I give away for free?” It’s a great …
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How many options should you give?

Last week we discussed how long your private coaching programs should be and ideas on how to structure those programs. Because there are countless ways to structure your private coaching programs, you may find yourself creating a number of different …
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