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Stuck on your niche? Try this…

My guess is that you know you should have a niche. But perhaps you’ve been struggling to figure out what your niche should be. Often it can be difficult to settle on a niche, because it feels like there’s a …
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Is It OK To Recycle Content?

Does it sometimes feel like you’re constantly writing? Are there weeks (or months) when you skip sending out a newsletter because you don’t have the time or energy to write? I have a better solution for you and it’s all about making your life easier, and serving your audience, by recycling your content.
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2 words to help you market effectively

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to hear my good friend and colleague, Rebecca Rapple, speak about how to get more people to purchase your services and products. What I love about Rebecca is that she deeply …
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Best Telemseminar & Webinar Services

If you’re thinking about offering a webinar or teleseminar, you may be overwhelmed by the decision of what service to use. There are new options popping up all the time and you might be wondering how to take advantage of …
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Using a cleanse to get private clients

Last week we did some number crunching to look at how you can make a profit when running a lower-priced group program, such as a cleanse. One of the ways to increase your profit, is to use a cleanse as …
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How you can actually make a profit on a cleanse

Have you considered running a group program, like a cleanse or detox, but wondered if the revenue you’d bring in would make it worthwhile? This is an important question to ask yourself. When considering what projects to take on, you …
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How & Why To Beta Test Your Programs

Do you ever wonder if your programs (private coaching and group programs) are hitting the mark? Do you want clients to repeatedly sign up for your programs and rave about you to their friends? When you create programs that deliver …
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How I Get In The Creative Zone To Write
(And You Can Too)

Get in the creative zone and beat writers block | Marketing For Health Coaches

Do you struggle with writing newsletters, blog posts, promotional emails, sales page copy, teleseminar, or any other type of content? In school I struggled with writing. I was always adjusting the font size and margins so I would meet the …
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Should you charge for initial consults?

I have a question for you… When a client is interested in working with you one-on-one, what’s their first step? For most coaches, the first step is an initial consultation. You might call this initial consultation a health history, strategy session, …
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What comes first… the list or the launch?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your business because you’re not sure what to do first? As a business owner with limited time, you don’t want to spin your wheels. And this means taking the right actions in the right …
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