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Proprietary Agreement

Please note that all of the resources are only available to you and others who have purchased the Done-for-You Detox Marketing Kit. Please respect the time and energy I have put into this, and do not share these resources.


Important Deadline

We want to make sure you take full advantage of this marketing kit, so you can get out there and launch your detox. You have 3 months, from your date of purchase, to complete and return the questionnaire below. I hope you will complete the questionnaire much sooner, but we realize that life happens and are therefore giving you a 3 month timeframe to utilize the marketing kit.


Your First Step

Your first step is to review the timeline. Start by focusing on the items under “Week 1”. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. Simply focus on the tasks that need to be done this week.

Click here to download the timeline.


Your Second Step

Once you have completed the items under “Week 1” in your timeline, please complete the Marketing Kit Questionnaire and email it back to us at

Be sure to carve out time to complete the questionnaire thoroughly.

Click here to download your Marketing Kit Questionnaire.

This questionnaire includes all of the information we need to customize your sales page, integrate with PayPal or 1shoppingcart, integrate with your email marketing system, and set-up the welcome email that participants will receive once they register.

Once we receive the questionnaire back from you, we will build your sales page. Turnaround time is typically 7 days. The sooner we get this from you, the sooner you can start promoting your detox.


Additional Materials

Click here to download your Detox Launch Timeline.

Click here to download your series of 6 Promotional Emails.


Bonus Videos

How to Set-up a Private Forum for Your Detox using a Closed Facebook Group

How to Setup an Online Calendar Using Time Trade

How to Create a Detox Feedback Survey with


Have questions? If you have any questions, please email us at