4 Things You Must Do For A Successful Cleanse Launch

When launching any new program, your to-do list can feel a little bit out of control.

There are a million little things to be done…

There’s sending out sales emails, promoting talks you’ve lined up to help get the word out about your program, posting social media updates, tech setup and, oh, actually creating the content of your cleanse! (Unless of course you’re using our ready-to-launch cleanse :).

One thing I’ve observed with our clients, is that it’s easy to get “lost in the weeds” and get into overwhelm.

After launching programs countless times over the last 10 years, I’ve learned some simple but powerful ways to set myself up for a smooth (and fun) launch.

Are my launches always perfect and stress-free? Certainly not, but that’s life and the world of being an entrepreneur.

Before you get into the gritty details of your launch, it’s important to focus on the tasks that are going to set you up for success.


Do these 4 things before launching your
next cleanse:

Prepare A Launch Timeline

A successful launch has a lot of moving parts! There’s a lot to keep track of. This is why instead of creating a simple to do list, I like to create a launch timeline. My timeline ensures that I’m working on tasks in the right order to make sure everything is done on time and that critical items don’t fall through the cracks.

A launch timeline will include your marketing tasks as well as the behind the scenes activities required to create your program.

You can create your timeline by working backwards from your launch date. I recommend setting your launch date 6-8 weeks out so you have enough time to get everything ready to properly market your program.

Then, each week, simply focus on the tasks for THAT week. This will keep you out of overwhelm and allow you to do a really great job with the parts of the launch you’re working on.

Grab my Online Program Launch Guide – with a launch timeline to help you have a successful launch.

Find Launch Partners And A Support System

Entrepreneurship – especially during a launch – can feel like a rollercoaster. We all know that having a support system is extremely valuable for getting through the ups and downs.

Let the people in your life know what you’re working on and ask for some additional support during this time. Enlist the help of friends, family, your spouse, or an assistant to be there for emotional support and practical help.

Maybe your significant other can put the kids to bed one night a week so you can work. Or perhaps your mom can bring dinner over. The people in your life love you and want to help. You just need to ask :).

Other entrepreneurs are great to have on your side too, as they’ll have insight into your situation and can help you strategize and empathize with your journey.

More than just emotional support though, it’s important to find referral partners to assist you with getting the word out about your launch. Launch partners can promote your program to their own lists and social media audiences, collaborate with you on talks or webinars, and generally help get your program in front of more eyes.

If you have existing referral partners, let them know about your upcoming launch and provide them with any promotional materials they might need. If you don’t already have partners, give yourself extra time before your launch to seek out a few people who might make good partners.

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Use Technology to Save Time

You’ve got your timeline sorted, which is the best way to start getting organized for your launch! But you’re not done yet :).

You can pull off a successful launch – without feeling frazzled – by setting up some simple systems.

Start by organizing everything into one folder. I like to use Google Drive to keep all of my files so that I can access them from my laptop or phone, and can easily share files with team members.

Use this folder to keep your email copy, social media images, blog posts, course content, and anything else related to your launch. Having it all in one place will save you time hunting things down when you’re in the thick of it. (Trust me. I learned this the hard way!)

When possible, I love getting things done in advance. A step you can take is scheduling all of your promotional emails, social media posts, and blog posts ahead of time. It feels great to be able to mark these items as complete and focus on your other tasks.

In MailChimp or Aweber, you can schedule your emails ahead of time so they go out automatically on certain days. For social media, tools like Hootsuite or Buffer will allow you to schedule social media messages to be sent at a later date.

Scheduling things in advance will alleviate a lot of stress, and be a huge time saver during your launch when you’re busy giving talks, finalizing your program content, or answering customer questions.

Communicate With Your Audience

Of course the most important thing to do before you launch is to tell your audience what you have planned!

If you have an email list of subscribers, this is your most captive and engaged audience. They handed over their email address to hear from you. These people are most likely to purchase your program, so communicating with them is a top priority.

(If you don’t yet have a list, I’ve got some tips for you below.)

Here are a few ideas for communicating with your list:

  • A few months before your launch, send out a survey to find out exactly what your list is looking for from you. This can help you validate your launch idea and give you ideas to include in your marketing. The way your list describes their problems can be used in your marketing copy.
  • A few weeks before your launch, send special sneak preview content. Make your subscribers feel like they’re getting exclusive treatment before the rest of the world hears about your program.
  • During your launch, create a promotional email series of 6-8 emails that provides huge value to your readers while also letting them know about your upcoming program.

Here are a few ideas if you don’t yet have a list, or you have a very small list:

  • You may not have a list, but you *DO* have a network. Start by identifying all the people you know – family, friends, colleagues (if you have a “day job”), and contacts you can connect with.
  • Connect with your contacts to let them know what you’ve been up to and share information about your upcoming program and any talks or webinars you’re hosting. (Don’t be afraid to reach out more than once.)
  • Use social media to generate buzz about your program and any teleseminars or talks you may be giving. Use your personal pages, business pages, and social media groups to spread the word!
  • Keep in mind that these people may not be the perfect fit for your program, but they may know other people who are – so invite them to share information about the program with their friends.

There’s so much to do before launching a new program, or re-launching an old one. Focusing on these 4 things early on will give you a leg up and prepare you for a successful launch – one that you can accomplish without stress or overwhelm..

Now I’d love to hear from you!
Where do you get into overwhelm when it comes to launching a program? What have you found helps you “get out of the weeds” and have a smooth launch?

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