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Want to get more clients in the door consistently, so health coaching becomes a business
(and not just a hobby)?

Whether you just finished nutrition school or graduated a couple years ago, there’s one big question you’re trying to answer.

“How can I make money consistently as a health coach?”

You want a consistent flow of clients and money coming in.

You want a thriving health coaching business that allows you help people and do the work you love.

Maybe you’re hoping to leave a “day job” or replace the income from your last career. Either way, you want to be able to write yourself a paycheck each month.

To make this happen, you need more clients and money coming in.

Maybe you’re just getting started. You want to help people and make a difference in their lives but it feels like there’s so much to learn … to figure out …to do.

Your head is spinning and you don’t know where to start and how to get clients interested in your services.

Or maybe you’ve been in business for a little while, but you’re struggling to keep a consistent flow of clients.

You’ve had some wins. You’ve worked with a few clients one-on-one or lead a group through a cleanse or detox. You love the work and seeing clients get results.

You’ve made *some* money, but you struggle to keep the momentum going. And you’re not making enough to pay yourself regularly.

This might leave you wondering if you can turn your business into a profitable career, like you’ve seen some other health coaches do.

So why do some health coaches succeed while others flounder?


Successful health coaches have dialed in a few core elements that struggling health coaches haven’t…


If you feel like you’re still trying to figure a lot of this out, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Almost every health coach (myself included) struggles with these areas in the beginning.


It’s simply that there a few things that need to be mapped out. Once that happens, everything will start to CLICK.

Imagine how it would feel if you had a
thriving health coaching business…

How fulfilling would it be to put your knowledge and training to work?

How amazing would it be to feel like a professional health coach as you attract more and more clients and help them experience real results and improved health?

How successful would you feel as you write yourself a paycheck every month?

How relieved would you feel being able to leave a day J-O-B that’s draining you … or avoid succumbing to getting a day J-O-B.

How proud would you feel…doing good in the world while creating a business that supports you financially.

How much would your confidence and happiness skyrocket and filter into on all areas of your life?

You don’t need to struggle.


As you go on this journey, wouldn’t it be nice to to have mentoring from someone in the health coaching industry who’s been through it, who can share exactly how it’s done, and shorten your learning curve?


It’s time to get the guidance you deserve…to allow your business to take off!




This program is designed for newer health coaches who are overwhelmed by all the fancy marketing strategies being taught – and want the simplest path towards making a living doing this work.

I will guide you on exactly how to get clients consistently – and support and provide personal attention for a full year.



What You’ll Get Out of This Experience

In this program you’ll get the information, personal guidance, done-for-you materials, and 12 months of support… that will help you take your health coaching from from a hobby to a business you’re proud of.


This program kicks off with a 2-Day Virtual Retreat.


So often I see coaches struggle to figure out the KEY pieces of their business for months and months. It leaves them feeling lost, frustrated, and questioning their ability to create a successful health coaching practice.

It’s time to end to this.

It doesn’t have to take months and months.

We can sort this out QUICKLY.

Why trudge through a 3-month or 6-month course, when you can get the core things you need figured out in 2 days… while having fun?

These will be the most powerful 2 days you’ve ever spent on your business.

The virtual kickoff retreat will be a combination of teaching, work time (so you’re actually putting what you’re learning into action right away), and time to get feedback and coaching so you’ll know you’re on the right track.


Here’s what you’ll accomplish during the Kickoff Retreat

Session One:
Your Perfect Specialty
That People Happily Pay You For

Session Two:
Map Out Your Client-Getting Programs

Session Three:
Price with Confidence

Session Four:
Create Your Consistent Marketing Plan

Session Five:
Become a Closing the Deal Master


Because of all of this, you’ll finally be able to pay yourself every month.


And because you’ll have a process for attracting and signing on clients that WORKS, you’ll have confidence – knowing that your paycheck will increase over time.

This is just the beginning!

The best part is that you’ll no longer doubt whether you can make a living as a health coach.



What makes this program unique?

This is NOT another course with loads of content that you can’t seem to make time to consume or implement.

Instead, I’ve carefully crafted a unique experience that will allow you to quickly put in place the core pieces you need to be successful, in an interactive learning environment, with ongoing support and lots of personal attention.


This is NOT:


This IS:




“In the first 30 days of the program, I brought in $4,413! Yay! Finally I feel like there is momentum!”

When I started working with Amy, I was feeling stuck. I was doing all of the things you “should do” to get clients — giving talks, teaching cooking classes, running a cleanse, building a small list of around 175 — but it felt like WAY more work than the income I was bringing in.

I joined the program because I was at a point where I really wanted to make something out of my health coaching business. I just needed the guidance to make it a reality!

I’d been saying to my friends that I just wanted someone to come alongside of me, take my hand & say, “do this step” (and when that step is done, “do this next step”).

Once I committed to the program (which ultimately meant committing to my business), I started feeling more clarity, passion and excitement towards my business again. I finally feel confident in what I have to offer!

Having the space to explore and hearing the different ideas from Amy and the other coaches in the group has been incredibly helpful. And of course all of the “done-for-you” handouts have been so beneficial!

I totally feel like I have everything I need, I just need to continue to take consistent action & follow through. I am SO glad that I decided to do this.

Heather Esposito,


You’ll Also Receive These Gifts…

12 Months of Support

I know that having support and a sounding board is vital to your long-term success. That’s why I designed this program to include 12 months of support.

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

You’ll have access to group coaching calls that will be held twice a month for an entire year, where you’ll get my laser-focused attention on your business. (These calls are only open to the participants in this program.)


Private Online Community

I want to create an incredibly supportive environment for you during this program. That means I want you to have a platform to discuss your business with me AND your fellow coaches at any time during the year we work together. You’ll have access to a private community that’s just for participants in this program.

I’ll be very hands-on in the forum – personally answering your questions. And you’ll have the support of the other coaches in the program, who are going through the same struggles (and successes!) that you are.

Done-for-You Resources

During the program, we’ll be focusing on how to effectively market your business and consistently get clients.. I want to make it easy for you to implement what I share.

That’s why I’m including Done-for-Your Health Coaching Programs, Done-for-You Marketing Materials, and On-Demand Trainings that are there if you need them. No need to start from scratch. You can make some minor edits and be ready to roll!

Done-for-You Health Coaching Programs

(Value $797)

Learn More

Done-for-You Marketing Materials

(Value $497)

Learn More

On-Demand Library of Trainings

(Value $747)

Learn More



BONUS 1-Day Bootcamp

A few months into the program, you’ll join me for this 1-day bonus bootcamp where you’ll learn how to leverage the online side of your business. (This is in addition to the 2-day Kick-off Retreat.)

There’s so much information out there when it comes to online marketing and I know it can be overwhelming.

In this bootcamp I’ll cut through the hype and share the most effective ways for you to market your business online, so you can reach more people and make more of an impact.

We’ll also zero in on the best strategies for your personality and your business.

Just like in the kick-off retreat, this will be a combination of teaching, work time (so you’re actually putting what you’re learning into action right away), and time to get feedback and coaching so you’ll know you’re on the right track.




“Amy took me by the hand, step-by-step, and made something that felt daunting become possible. I love her honest and simple approach in helping me hone my strategy and my messaging.”

When I found Amy I was still hiding behind lots of wonderful ideas and a blurry vision of what it all could be.

Amy helped me get clear about my unique message and what my clients really want. And we articulated what makes my unique approach powerful and effective.

Being able to put this into words was a game-changer. It helped me put myself out there confidently and with authority. As a result, people are magnetically attracted to work with me.

Nine months in, I have a thriving business…

I attract 7 new VIP 1:1 clients every two months, at $997/month. I’ve continued to raise my in-person group coaching rates to $397 for a 21-day program and $697 for my 6-week program. I’ve run four 21-day small group programs – filling each one to capacity and currently have a waiting list.
Mari Carmen Pizarro,


Jeannine Moran“I’ve been thrilled with my results from working with Amy and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s shown me that you can actually make money doing health coaching :) Amy, is so personable, approachable and non judgmental while nudging us to take action!”

– Jeannine Moran,


“In strategy sessions with Amy, she helped me zero in on what my ideal clients really want to know, and we came up with a free gift that really ‘speaks’ to my audience, while highlighting what makes me unique as a coach.”

Karla Chin,


“I recommend Amy to my top clients, because she understands best-practices when it comes to online marketing, copywriting, and running a coaching business.”

Stacey Morgenstern
Co-Founder, Holistic MBA,




I’m going to help you shorten your learning curve.

During my 5 years as a health coach, I became more and more drawn to the marketing side – and started soaking up all that I could learn about how to effectively get clients online and offline.

I then decided to merge my marketing roots with my passion for wellness by launching Marketing for Health Coaches, where I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of health coaches and nutritionists grow their businesses.


With over 11 years in this industry, I’ve had the powerful experience of seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t.


I’m excited to invite you into this experience, so you can shorten your learning curve – and move forward more quickly and with more confidence.


How I’m different…

I have a very different style than other business coaches. In fact, I don’t consider myself a coach at all. I’m not a generalist or an accountability coach. I’m a marketing strategist, with specific expertise in effective offline and online marketing…(and health coaching!)

I believe in keeping things as simple as possible to get you the results you want.

It It pains me to see is coaches getting overwhelmed or frustrated (and thinking of throwing in the towel) because they’re implementing strategies that are ineffective or that simply aren’t a good fit for them and their business.

I’ll help you streamline things, so you can be focused, feel grounded (rather than scattered), and have fun working on your business.


“I’d say that in a sea of less-than-knowledgeable online marketing/business building types, Amy is the real deal and truly understands how to build a successful health coaching business. ”

Working with Amy has been worth every penny. She consistently goes far above and beyond expectations and also clearly cares about delivering excellence in all she does.

I appreciate the level of detail she provides with her recommendations. I’m one who really needs info in step by step manageable chunks!

Amy’s a health coaching pro and is generous with her information– it’s clear she loves to help others shine.
Deborah Genovesi,


“As a result of working with Amy, I can honestly say that I’ve gained more clarity about my target audience, my text is more concise and focused, my message is more compelling to attract clients, and I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to succeed by helping others achieve their wellness goals!”

Veronica Edmond,


“What stands out about Amy is how she brings together her deep knowledge of the health coaching field, marketing, copywriting, and program launch skills and experience.”

Carey Peters
Co-Founder, Holistic MBA,


Get an Insider’s Look at this 12-Month Experience




Have questions and wonder if you’re a good fit for this program?















“If you are ready to get your marketing in line and take your business to the next level, you have to work with Amy.”

I think I thought that I had pretty unique needs and I wasn’t sure if the group setting would work. I decided to sign up anyway. I got SO MUCH amazing and valuable information from Amy. And just a HUGE thank you for helping me really launch my business!
Carrie Bailey,


When it comes to investing in your business, you have a lot of options…

You could hire a business coach, sign up for another group program, or have a new website designed.

Why invest in this program?

With this program, we’re going to get you on the right path QUICKLY, so you can start helping more people (and paying yourself).

You’ll have personal feedback and support for an entire year, so you never feel lost or alone.

And you’ll be able to save loads of time and energy by using the done-for-you programs and materials you’ll have access to.


Maybe you’re thinking, this sounds good Amy, but I think I’ll wait a few months…

Imagine that you decided not to take advantage of this opportunity…

It’s 6 months from now. You look back and see that your business is still in the same place it was.

You’re struggling to get clients in the door – and questioning whether you can make a living as a health coach. You may have decided to throw in the towel and get another job or stay at your current job.

As you consider joining me, I want you to think about what will happen if you choose not to sign up.

Will you continue to spin your wheels – and continue to struggle to sign on clients even though you’re working hard on your business?

Will your heart feel broken because you’re not able to help people in the way you desperately want to?

Will you continue to feel lost about how to market yourself effectively?

I take your success seriously. And it breaks my heart to think about you struggling in your business. I hope you’ll decide to take the easier path and join me in this program.


“Within 6 months Amy helped me double my list, double my income and half my stress.”

Nina Manolson,