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Fall Pre-Sale With $200 Savings Ends in….

Whether you’ve just finished nutrition school or earned your health coaching certification, or you graduated a couple of years ago, you’ve likely got one big question on your mind:

“How can I attract clients consistently and build a thriving wellness coaching business that allows me to build the kind of life I want?”

You want to start coaching and perhaps even make this a full-time career…but right now, marketing and growing your business and getting in front of the clients who are eager to hire you seems like a mystery.

It likely always feels like there’s so much to learn…to figure out…to do. And regardless of how much work you put in, you aren’t seeing that work pay off.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a few clients so far but you’re still…

…Frustrated and worried because consistently getting clients seems much harder than you thought it would be

…Overwhelmed with all the different and seemingly complicated marketing strategies out there and not sure which ones will even work for you

…Concerned that your health coaching business might not survive after all the time, money and energy you’ve put into launching your practice

…Worried that you’ll have to go back to your “day job” to fund your side business

…Wishing that there was a simpler way to make money doing what you love

I want you to know that there’s an easier way to grow your wellness business.

Imagine How it Would Feel if You Had a
Thriving Health Coach Business…


  • Feeling confident because you know exactly what to focus on each day to guarantee that you have a steady flow of clients coming in
  • Having a calendar full of consultations and knowing how to turn those consults into clients who are excited to work with you
  • Having a program you’re excited and confident about inviting people into… that gets your clients results and creates raving fans
  • Feeling like you have hours back in your day because you’re working smarter, not harder

That would mean you’d…

  • Be able to write yourself a paycheck every single month
  • Get to leave your day JOB that’s draining you
  • Or avoid having to get a JOB because you’re not making enough money
  • And most of all you’d be able to stop worrying if your business can stay afloat because you’ll know exactly how to make a living doing the work you love

The Real Secrets to Getting Clients Consistently in Your Health Coaching Business

There are key pieces of running a business that nutrition school or health coaching school didn’t teach you.

This is because your training prepared you to be a wellness practitioner – not a business owner.

Helping people making changes in their lives is your craft – but you probably aren’t an expert at bringing in the clients in the door.

This is hurting your ability to help people. Because let’s face it, in order to help people – you need people to help.

I really want to help you have a successful health coaching practice.


At the heart of a successful coaching practice are 6 secrets…

I want to show you the secrets that we teach inside The Health Coach Profit Lab so that you’ll know what it really takes to have a successful health coaching business.

Secret #1: Have a specialty in an area that people will happily pay for.

As a new coach, it’s tempting to have a long list of concerns that you help people with, or be very broad or vague about who you help, but this will stand in the way of you getting clients.

People simply don’t pay for general health coaching.

Instead, you’ll want to hone in on a specialty that people will happily pay you for.

Secret #2: Map Out Enticing Client-Getting Programs.

If you don’t have programs that are enticing and designed to solve a specific problem, your potential clients won’t feel compelled to sign up.

Having enticing client-getting programs that solve specific problems for your clients will ensure that you attract clients who are excited about making massive changes in their lives.

Secret #3: Price with Confidence.

The key to confident pricing is finding the sweet spot – the price that your clients are comfortable with that also allows you to make the money you deserve.

When you find that sweet spot, you’ll make it easy for your ideal clients to say yes to hiring you.

Secret #4: Have a Client-Getting System

Many health coaches spin their wheels for months (or years) trying to use marketing strategies that just don’t work or implementing the right strategies the wrong way… which keeps them busy but doesn’t lead to clients.

Instead, when you learn how to implement a proven, step-by-step client getting system, you’ll have a steady flow of clients, month after month.

Secret #5: Learn The Art of Soulful Selling.

Selling is where so many coaches struggle regardless of how good they are at everything else.

Luckily, learning how to turn a prospect into a paying customer is a skill that can be developed with practice.

Once you master the art of soulful selling, you’ll be able to lead initial consultations with ease and grace and turn the majority of your prospects into paying clients.

Secret #6: Get Expert Marketing Support

You’ve heard me say it before – it’s the marketing that makes or breaks a coach. And, most coaches aren’t making money because they have no idea how to market their business in a way that actually gets them clients.

When you have expert marketing support, you’ll have a roadmap that works… along with templates for everything (so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel). This will take out the overwhelm and stress and get you feeling great in your business again.

If you feel like you’re still trying to figure a lot of this out, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Almost every health coach struggles with these things in the beginning.

That’s why I want to help guide you through this entire process, and show you exactly how to build a successful health coaching business.

I’m Amy Lippmann,
Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches.

During my 5 years as a health coach, I became more and more drawn to the marketing side of my business – and started soaking up everything I could learn about how to effectively get clients online and offline.

Seven years ago, I decided to merge my marketing roots with my passion for wellness by launching Marketing for Health Coaches.

In my work as a marketing strategist for health coaches over the last few years, I’ve had a front row seat as my clients’ practices expanded. I’ve seen firsthand what works – and what doesn’t – when you’re trying to get more clients.

I’ve seen what makes some coaches successful, and why other coaches work hard but don’t see results from their efforts.

I know what tactics and techniques are a waste of time, and which ones will consistently get you clients.

How I’m different…

It pains me to see coaches getting overwhelmed or frustrated (and thinking of throwing in the towel) because they’re implementing strategies that are ineffective or that simply aren’t a good fit for them and their business.

Years of experience as a marketing strategist have shown me that you can actually get better results by doing LESS marketing – so I teach my clients to keep things as simple as possible.

I’ll help you streamline things, so you can be focused, feel grounded (rather than scattered), and actually have fun working on your business.



The Health Coach Profit Lab is a 6-month business and marketing accelerator program. You’ll learn to get more clients with less marketing and transition from health & wellness hobbyist to confident, well-compensated health coach!


It’s NOT “just another course” or program where you register, watch a few videos and let it collect dust. And you’ll never feel like you’re forced into using strategies that don’t feel like a good fit for you.


It’s specifically designed to accelerate your health coaching business so that you can start seeing the financial rewards of all your hard work.


In The Health Coach Profit Lab, you’ll build a sustainable, lucrative health coaching practice.


Access Includes:

An Immersive, Week-Long Virtual “Thrive in 5” Marketing Retreat designed to put jumper cables to your business and help you start signing clients ASAP! These live sessions with Amy are packed with exactly what you need to know to price, package, position and promote your wellness coaching services and become a go-to wellness authority clients seek out. You’ll get on-the-spot feedback and mentorship and get more done (and get more clarity) in one week than you have in your entire career.

4 Live Pre-Retreat VIP Group Coaching Sessions With Amy to set a strong foundation for everything ahead. These sessions will dive deep into the nitty gritty of identifying a specialty you’re excited about, confirming that your specialty is one people will happily pay for, getting clarity on who your ideal clients are, and understanding how to speak to prospects in a way that gets them to pay attention to your message. Through a combination of live teaching and mentorship, you’ll end these sessions with massive clarity on who you want to help and the messaging you will use to attract them.

Access to 1 Live 90-minute Client-Getting Planning Session with Amy, hosted 1 week after the marketing retreat, where you’ll set your 6-month revenue goals, put your personalized client-getting plan together to fill your calendar with consultations, and get Amy’s expert guidance to figure out how to meet or exceed your goals.

Bi-monthly 90-minute Q&A sessions via Facebook live where you’ll have the opportunity to get on-the-spot mentorship from Amy and our head coach, and get answers to your most pressing business and marketing questions.

Lifetime Access to the Marketing Mastery Vault – a vault of top-secret on-demand marketing trainings where Amy dives deep into the most effective marketing strategies our clients are using to go from zero clients to full practice.

Done-for-You, Plug & Play, Proven-to-Convert Marketing Materials that thousands of coaches have used to consistently and predictably attract prospects and convert clients.

Six Months Access to the Private Insider-Only Facebook Group where you’ll get support, ask questions, get answers and learn from peers as well as Amy’s team of marketing experts.



“Before starting the Profit Lab, I was in such a dry spell with my business. I hadn’t had one paying client for two years and I had been turned down for pro bono work! Within a couple of weeks of joining Profit Lab, I signed on 3 paying 1:1 clients. Since working with Amy, I have had a steady stream of clients all happy to pay my new higher rates! I finally feel confident as the professional. I am so grateful I found Amy and the Profit Lab!”

Margery Corrigan

“Since joining, I’ve signed on 16 private coaching clients, and have had 34 people go through my 21 day detox. I’m enrolling clients more consistently and I’ve increased my average monthly income. I’m feeling more confident and there’s been a turning point in my business.”

Christina Johnson

“The Profit Lab helped me get clear on my niche, produce a great website, and book clients. I’m up to 10 clients and launching my first group program. I’m currently partnering with a family physician and orthopedic surgeon as referral partners.”

Monica Tarr

“Nine months in, I have a thriving business…attracting 7 new VIP private coaching clients every 2 months, at $997 a month. I’ve continued to raise my rates – and currently have a waiting list. Amy took me by the hand, step-by-step, and made something that felt daunting become possible.”

Mari Carmen Pizarro

“I only had one client when I started the Profit Lab, and I’ve since signed on 10 clients.”

Mandi Beaver

“When I started The Health Coach Profit Lab I was making $1,000 per month and now a few months in I am making $8,500 per month and still growing!”

Shana Hogg


Let’s Take A Deeper Look
At What’s Waiting For You Inside:

Immersive “Thrive In 5” Virtual Marketing Retreat

5 powerful days where we’ll put jumper cables to your business and help you start signing clients ASAP.

So often, I see coaches struggle for months, trying to figure out the KEY pieces of their business.

This struggle leaves them feeling lost and frustrated – and it makes them question their ability to create a successful health coaching practice. It’s time to end this.

Getting the core elements of your business in place doesn’t have to take months and months.

This will be the most powerful 5 days you’ve ever spent on your business.

The retreat is a combination of teaching and work time – so you can put what you’re learning into action right away. Plus you’ll get me and my team’s support so you know you’re on the right track.

The retreat will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd, Wednesday, March 4th, Thursday, March 5th, Tuesday, March 10th and Wednesday, March 11th from 12:00pm-2:00pm Eastern.

Everything will be recorded, so if you need to miss a session, you can catch up at any time.

Session 1:
Craft Your Signature Program

Having a program or programs that you’re enthusiastic about makes all the difference when it comes to attracting “dreamboat” clients (aka the clients you want to work with).

Your passion for your signature programs is contagious and the more you love them – the more people will want to join!

Creating your perfect programs can feel overwhelming when you’re going at it alone, especially when you’re practically bursting with knowledge about health and wellness.

But trust me, it’s actually easier than you think, especially when you follow my simple process.

By the end of this session, you can expect to:

  • Become crystal clear on your unique coaching methodology so that you can easily communicate your value to clients
  • Effortlessly package your coaching up into irresistible, transformative programs that set you apart from all the other health coaches out there
  • Craft compelling names and enticing descriptions for your signature programs
  • Understand how to create an amazing VIP experience that will become your most popular offer with clients and your biggest income stream

Session 2:
Price with Confidence

Pricing is an area that trips up even the most confident health coach.

You want to make a big impact on others, but you also want to earn an income that allows you to live comfortably. Good news – you can do both!

During this session, I’ll help you figure out how to price your packages in a way that feels good to you and your clients.

By the end of this session, you can expect to:

  • Set revenue goals and feel confident that you’ll be able to achieve them
  • Understand how to price your programs in a way that attracts your ideal clients
  • Attract higher paying clients with pricing that feels good to you
  • Feel excited and confident about your new rates
  • Create a plan for when and how to raise your rates so that you can consistently grow your business

Session 3:
The Art of Soulful Selling

Once your calendar is full of consultations, it’s important to know how to inspire them to become paying clients.

There’s a soulful way to sell that feels good to you and your potential clients, and that’s what I’m going to share with you.

By the end of this session, you can expect to:

  • Discover the powerful, proven process for gracefully and confidently leading initial consultations with potential clients
  • Learn how to communicate the value of the programs so price becomes irrelevant
  • Learn the 2 questions to ask to sign up 70-80% of the potential clients you speak with (without feeling salesy)
  • Know how to confidently handle the most common objections like “I can’t afford it”, or “I don’t have the time”

Session 4:
Marketing Strategies for Attracting “Dreamboat” Clients

Now that you have a solid foundation, it’s time to start diving into proven methods for getting your services in front of more clients who are eager to work with you.

During this session, we’ll explore the most effective marketing strategies for health coaches so you can decide which strategies are the best fit for your personality and business.

By the end of this session, you can expect to:

  • Identify which marketing strategies are the best fit for your personality and natural strengths
  • Have the ingredients to cook up a really enticing free gift that you can use in a variety of ways to build your email list
  • Decide on your signature talk topic so you can use speaking (my #1 strategy) to get clients
  • Create a compelling title and enticing teaching points for your signature talk, so you get people to show up
  • Learn how to give webinars that people are guaranteed to attend


4 Live Pre-Retreat VIP Group Coaching Sessions with Amy

Gain massive clarity on who you want to help and the messaging you will use to attract potential clients and fill your calendar with paying clients.

The health and wellness coaching industry is booming, and more and more coaches are earning their certifications.

How can YOU stand out and effortlessly attract your ideal clients who are ready to make a change and eager to hire a health expert?

It all starts with this step.

Get this step wrong, and everything else will always feel like a struggle. Get this step right, and you’ll put yourself in a class of your own.

By the end of these sessions, you can expect to:

  • Do market research and identify a lucrative and marketable niche that you’re excited and confident about
  • Be able to confidently communicate your value and attract those clients you’re eager to work with
  • Understand how to pitch your services in a compelling way that commands attention, positions you as the authority, and gets your calendar booked with consultations


1 Live 90-minute Client-Getting Planning Session

Get my expert guidance as you put your personalized marketing plan together to meet or exceed your revenue goals.

During this session, you’ll strategically map out your 6-month client-getting marketing plan.

You’ll get super clear about the tasks to focus on each day, week, and month so you can propel your business forward.

The power of this session lies not just with mapping out what TO do but also realizing how much you can STOP doing to see even greater results.

By the end of this session, you can expect to:

  • Cut the majority of marketing tasks from your to-do list that are eating up your time and aren’t producing results
  • Hyper focus on a few of the recommended marketing strategies that feel like a good fit for YOU and YOUR business
  • Outline your ideal schedule so that you know exactly what to focus on each day to feel less frazzled and more at ease and focused
  • Feel confident that you have a 6-month plan that will allow you to consistently and predictably generate business


Bi-Monthly 90-minute Q&A Sessions

Personal guidance on your business 2x a month so you can move forward successfully and with confidence.

As you’re working on putting your newly acquired marketing skills to work, it’s natural to have questions and need guidance. You don’t have to figure it out on your own!

Twice a month, you’ll have access to a live Q&A session, hosted by Amy or her Head Coach, where you can get personal guidance and feedback on what you’re working on.

No more floundering, feeling like you’re drowning without a life raft in sight. Amy and her team are here to support you every step of the way so you’re taking consistent action towards getting more clients.


Lifetime Access to the Marketing Mastery Vault

Fill your practice with expert marketing strategies.

With 13 years in the industry, I’ve gathered a wealth of information that you can have at your fingertips.

The Marketing Mastery Vault includes trainings that cover various marketing strategies and aspects to creating a thriving health coaching practice.

And you’ll be able to access recordings of the 5-Day Virtual Retreat in the Vault.

Local Marketing Made Easy

The easiest way to grow your wellness business? Local marketing.

Local marketing is a powerful and hassle-free way to position yourself as a local wellness authority, spread the word about your business, attract clients and build a referral-based business.

By focusing on just one or two local marketing strategies, you can fill up your practice in just a few short weeks without ever having to worry about going “online” if you don’t want to.

Module 1: 
 Booking & Filling Health Talks

Giving in-person talks is one of the quickest and most effective free ways to quickly get clients whether you’re brand new or have been in business for a while. Learn how to give a talk, packed with great content, that’s designed to get clients hungry to work with you (without leaving you feeling salesy).

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Use smart marketing strategies to fill the room for each health talk you lead
  • Structure your talks in a way that captivates your audience and makes them eager to work with you
  • Position yourself as an authority during talks so that your prospects believe that you’re the expert who can help them and get excited to work with you
  • Invite people to work with you in a manner that feels natural
  • Use our done-for-you tools to maximize your chances of getting clients from each talk

Module 2: 
 Networking with Purpose

Networking is one of the easiest ways to attract clients and build a referral-based practice. In this module, you’ll discover how to find and leverage networking groups to grow your business.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Find networking groups worth pursuing (those likely to be full of your ideal prospects, or full of the people who can refer you to ideal prospects)
  • Build lucrative connections and cultivate relationships with the right people at networking events
  • Gracefully discuss your services in a way that gets interest from your prospects

Module 3: 
 Partner-Up to See More Profits

Interested in building a referral-based practice? You’re going to love this module. Growing your list of referral partners is one of the most effective ways to build a sustainable business.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Find and confidently approach the most lucrative prospective partners – those who can help you reach a wider audience and send clients right to your doorstep
  • Pitch your services in a way that makes referral partners eager to work with you
  • Establish a plan for exactly how the partner will promote you and your services

Module 4: 
 Landing Profitable Corporate Clients

Landing corporate clients can be a game-changer for your business. With just one contract, you can completely fill a 1-on-1 or group coaching program without having to do any other marketing.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Guarantee that you get your foot in the door with corporations, even if you’re a brand new coach
  • Put together enticing offers that will be an easy yes for corporations
  • Structure corporate wellness talks in a way that fills your calendar with consults
  • Pitch and fill your 1:1 or group program from one corporate talk
  • Price your corporate wellness services and get paid what you’re worth

Module 5: 
 Lead Wellness Parties that Bring in Clients

Wellness Parties are a non-traditional yet super effective way to deliver talks! Have fun while connecting with friends and soon-to-be clients. We’ll give you everything you need to start throwing successful wellness parties!

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Structure a wellness party that’s fun AND sets you up as an expert in your specialty
  • Invite people to your party so they’re excited to sign up and show up
  • Let people know how they can work with you in a way that feels good and gets people signing up


Online Marketing Made Easy

Ready to take your wellness business online and start attracting clients from around the globe, but feeling overwhelmed by all of the fancy (and overcomplicated) internet marketing tactics?

In this section, you’ll get the inside scoop on the most effective online marketing strategies that are working in the health coaching space so you can build out a simple online marketing system that fills your sales pipeline with prospects.

Module 1: 
 The Elements of a High-Converting
Wellness Website

When done right, your website can be one of your most effective marketing tools that continuously works for you by bringing you email subscribers, booked calls and sales. But when done wrong, it can turn off clients and turn away business and do more harm than good. Get ready to turn your website into a client-getting machine!

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Create an optimized homepage that grabs attention and gets your audience to take action
  • Flesh out key pages of your website that will help funnel web traffic and get them to take the actions you want them to take
  • Grow your email list and boost revenue by simplifying the structure of your website
  • Turn website visitors into booked calls with a few simple marketing tricks

Module 2: 
 Creating Free Content That Attracts Paying Clients

Sharing your knowledge about health and wellness with others is probably your favorite thing about being a coach, right? Learn how to share that passion in a way that attracts people to you, helps you grow your list, and converts your audience into clients.

After this training, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a list of 20+ enticing topics for blog posts, emails, and/or Facebook™ Lives so you never run out of things to write or talk about
  • Know what to publish so your ideal clients pays attention to your message…and your invitations to work with you
  • Turn your new (and current) subscribers into people who see you as an expert and want to work with you

Module 3: 
 Growing an Email List of Buyers

Growing an engaged email list is one of the smartest online marketing strategies for health coaches. That being said, there’s a right way and a wrong way to build your email list. We’ll teach you secrets for building a list of buyers who are eager to work with you.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Tweak your website and with a few simple changes, turn more web visitors into email subscribers
  • Put together high-converting landing pages that make list-building a breeze
  • Build out a robust email marketing plan that turns email subscribers into clients
  • Identify the strategies to consistently grow your list that are a good fit for your business and personality.

Module 4: 
 Leveraging Facebook™ Groups

Growing an engaged Facebook™ group is a great way to build a relationship with prospects, position yourself as a topic expert, stay top of mind, build brand awareness, sell out your programs and grow revenue.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Fill your Facebook™ group organically without time-consuming or expensive tactics
  • Master the Facebook™ algorithm and grow an engaged audience who likes, comments and engages with what you post
  • Leverage Facebook™ to build a real community who eats up your offers when it’s time to sell

Module 5: 
 Growing Your Biz with Facebook™ Live

Though it might be intimidating to you now, Facebook Live™ is one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship with your audience and get them interested in what you’re serving! With confidence and the right strategy, you can grow your business organically.

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Create a Facebook Live™ calendar filled with topics your clients are eager to hear about to guarantee they tune in
  • Structure your live videos in a way that encourages engagement, builds your email list, fills your calendar and turns viewers into clients
  • Fill your programs via live video without ever feeling like you’re selling

Module 6: 
 The Secrets to Creating, Filling & 
 Hosting Online Wellness Webinars

Ready to take your local health talks online and start filling your health coaching business with clients from around the world? It’s time to create a compelling webinar that gets you clients every time!

After this training, you’ll understand how to:

  • Use webinars to build your authority and turn followers into clients
  • Craft webinar content that speaks to your ideal clients and encourages them to take you up on your offer
  • Soulfully pitch your services in a way that feels good to you
  • Follow up with attendees post-webinar in a way that generates additional sales

Bonus Training: 
 How to Protect Yourself Legally as a Health Coach

Getting legally covered is like preventative care for your business. In this special training with Attorney and Legal Coach, Lisa Fraley, we dive into how you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered in your business by legally protecting yourself.

After this training, you’ll understand:

  • What you CAN and CAN’T do if you live in a “red” state
  • How to protect your website, your content and your programs
  • The 5 words you can’t say as a health coach (no matter what state you are located in!)


Done-For-You, Plug & Play, Proven to Convert Marketing Materials

Easy to implement, proven marketing templates… so you don’t have to waste time or money trying to create them yourself.

Forget spending weeks mulling over your marketing materials or paying hundreds of dollars for someone to create them for you. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time earning money?

As a member of the Profit Lab, you’ll get instant access to all of our must-have, high-converting marketing materials and make them start working for you immediately.

Website Copy: Eager to send prospects to your website but afraid your copy will turn people off? Convert website visitors into clients with seven pages of high-converting website copy!

Landing Page Opt-in & Email Sales Sequence: Feel like you’re wasting time and energy trying to grow an engaged email list? Turn web visitors into email leads and email leads into booked consultations with our landing page optin and sequence of seven plug and play emails that you can easily pop in your autoresponder!

Pitch Templates: Eager to make your name well-known in the industry? Get booked for health talks and podcast interviews with plug and play pitch templates that have worked wonders for hundreds of health coaches!

Marketing Scripts: Never stumble over your words again! Use our marketing scripts so that you always know what to say and how to say it to build interest, book calls and close the deal.

Health Talk & Webinar Promo Kit: Fill up your practice by using health talks or webinars as a segue into your one-on-one or group coaching programs. Our Health Talk Promo Kits make it easy to fill seats with fill-in the blanks slides and scripts, done-for-you email copy and registration page copy and promotional fliers.

Facebook™ Live Scripts & Promo Kit: Facebook™ live is a powerful promotional tool if you know how to leverage it. With our FB live scripts and promo kit, you’ll understand how to structure your lives to boost sales.

Fill-in-the-blanks Facebook™ Group Posts: The days staring at a blank screen and not being sure what to post inside your Facebook™ group, are over. With these fill-in-the blanks group posts you’ll know what to post, how often to post, and have variety that engages your group members.

Enticing Program Name & Description Templates: Present your program in a compelling way by using our program name and description templates. These templates will allow you to clearly convey the value you provide and get potential clients eager to sign up!


6 Months Access To The Private Insider-Only Facebook™ Group

Support and mentorship to keep you moving forward and make this the year your business takes off.

I want to create an incredibly supportive environment for you during this program. That means I want you to have a platform to discuss your business with my team and your fellow coaches at any time during the 6 months of the program.

When you join the Health Coach Profit Lab, you’ll have access to a private Facebook™ Group that’s just for participants in this program.

My team will personally answer your questions. And you’ll have the support of the other coaches in the program, who are going through the same struggles (and successes!) that you are.


“I used to have 6-8 clients at any given time, now it’s hard to keep it to 15.”

Jane Smith

“In a sea of less-than-knowledgeable online marketing and business building types, Amy is the real deal and truly understands how to build a successful health coaching business. Working with Amy has been worth every penny.”

Deborah Genovesi

“What stands out about Amy is how she brings together her deep knowledge of the health coaching field, marketing, copywriting, and program launch skills and experience.”

Carey Peters



Pay In Full Bonus #1

Done-For-You Speaking Kit

Book & Fill Client-Getting Health Talks With Our Done-For-You Speaking Kit That’s Helped Hundreds of Health Coaches Fill Their Practices!

$397 Value

speaking kit

Already own the kit? No worries! Contact us to swap out this bonus for you with something you’ll love just as much.


Speaking can be your most powerful and effective way to flood your health coaching business with clients, but it only works if done the right way.

If done wrong, it can be a total flop and a waste of time and energy.

Our done-for-you speaking kit is guaranteed to get you paying clients from every talk you deliver.

Simply download and start practicing your talk – saving over 30 hours of your time!

This bonus includes your choice of one of our professionally designed talks – weight loss, sugar or energy!

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Book Client-Getting Talks Blueprint (a $147 Value)
  • Pre-written 60-minute script that you can follow along with so you’ll know exactly what to say to make your audience eager to work with you.
  • Beautiful and professionally designed slide deck that includes 63-110 slides per talk, saving you over 25 hours of prep time.
  • ​Two different versions of each talk so you have a plug-n-play format to use when promoting both a private coaching program and a cleanse/detox
  • ​Comprehensive facilitator’s notes with tips that will help you deliver your talk with complete confidence
  • 4 Pre-Written Promotional Emails so you can easily entice people to sign up for your talk
  • ​Pre-Written Reminder Emails that motivate registrants to show up for your talk
  • ​Welcome Email Template for Registrants that remind them why this is important to them and what they’re going to get out of the talk
  • ​Customizable Flyer for Local Promotion that is professionally designed and eye catching
  • ​Pre-Written Newsletter Article/Blog Post that gets people interested in the talk topic and eager to learn more
  • ​Pre-Written Registration/Landing Page that is engaging and motivates people to sign up for your talk
  • ​Pre-Written Closing Sequence (scripts & slides) with the exact words to say to make your offer at the end of the talk to land clients in the spot.
  • ​Pre-written scripts for promoting both a cleanse/detox and private coaching.
  • ​Enrollment Form that you allows you to easily capture each person’s information and also offer them a way to sign up for a strategy session or a group program during the talk.
  • ​Pre-Written Follow-up Email Sequence (with your offer), so you can keep the clients flowing after your talk is over.
  • ​​​BONUS: Want to be able to quickly deliver your talks as online webinars? We have you covered. With this package, you’ll also get two more bonus versions specifically meant for webinar delivery!




Pay In Full Bonus #2

VIP Retreat Workbook Review

Take the coaching and feedback you’ll receive during the “Thrive in 5” Virtual Retreat to the next level with our VIP Retreat Workbook Review.

$497 Value

During the Marketing Retreat, you’ll receive a comprehensive workbook that will help you hone in on your messaging, determine your pricing, map out your signature process and programs, and so much more..

We’ll work through this workbook together during the Retreat, allowing for plenty of time for coaching and feedback.

By paying in full for the Profit Lab, you’ll not only get feedback during the retreat, but you’ll also have the opportunity to send our team your completed workbook after the retreat and get a professional review from our in-house marketing expert.

She’ll review your workbook and give you personalized, comprehensive feedback on key elements of your marketing, including your:

  • Elevator speech
  • Signature program name, description and outline
  • Pricing
  • Talk title and teaching points
  • Free Gift title and outline
  • Best places to give talks

You’ll get laser-focused attention on all the core elements of your business, so you can move forward with confidence. You’ll receive a detailed feedback inside your workbook and video so you know exactly what tweaks to make!



Value of

6 Monthly Payments of $277

Value of

Single Payment of $1,497



“In just a few weeks I signed up 5 new clients for a total of $7,500.”

Sam Bell

“In the first 30 days of the program, I brought in $4,413! Finally I feel like there is momentum! I just need to continue to take consistent action and follow through. I am SO glad that I decided to do this.”

Heather Esposito

“I recommend Amy to my top clients, because she understands best-practices when it comes to online marketing, copywriting, and running a coaching business.”

Stacey Morgenstern


Get an Insider’s Look at this 6-Month Experience


When It Comes to Investing in Your Business, You Have
a Lot of Options

You could hire a business coach, sign up for another group program, or hire a marketing team…

Investing in the Health Coach Profit Lab is like getting all of that and then some.

With this program, we’re going to get you on the right path QUICKLY, so you can start helping more people (and paying yourself).

You’ll have personal feedback and support for 6 months, so you never feel lost or alone.

And you’ll be able to save loads of time and energy by using the done-for-you marketing materials you’ll have access to.

Maybe you’re thinking, “This sounds good, Amy…but I think I’ll wait a few months.”

I hear you on that. But I have a question for you…

If you’re serious about turning your health coaching practice into a business and not just a hobby, why would you wait any longer to get everything you need to get your business off the ground?

Remember, there’s no rule that says you have to go it alone and create everything from scratch.

Why not take the easier path and join me in this program…

Where I’ll lay everything out for you, step by step, plus give you access to all my done for you marketing tools…

And of course, be your expert guide every step of the way. I hope you’ll decide to take the easier path, and join me in this program.



Have Questions About the Health Coach Profit Lab?



“As a result of working with Amy, I can honestly say that I’ve gained more clarity about my target audience, my text is more concise and focused, my message is more compelling to attract clients, and I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to succeed by helping others achieve their wellness goals!”

Veronica Edmond