FEBRUARY 19, 2024

#46: The Exact Steps You Need To Sign Up Health Coaching Clients (If You Don’t Have a Big List)

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Signing on new clients is such a thrilling experience, because it means you get to do your work and help people feel better.

And of course, it means money in the bank, which is obviously vital to having a business.

But you might be wondering…  is there a specific process you should use to sign up and onboard new clients that works like a charm?

In this episode I share a magical process you can use again and again.

This process makes it so easy for your clients to buy from you and makes them feel welcomed and safe in knowing you’ve got things handled.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to warm-up potential client and get them pre-sold working with you, before you meet
  • The 3 low-tech tools you’ll need to sign on new clients
  • Final step of the sales process that will avoid any buyer’s remorse
  • And more!

Are you ready to get some clients (and revenue) rolling in?

Tune in to this episode and learn the exact 7 steps you need to have in place to easily and effectively sign up and onboard your new clients. 

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