2 Steps To Having Your First 5K Month as a Health Coach


JANUARY 22, 2024

#42: 2 Steps To Having Your First 5K Month as a Health Coach

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You went to health coaching school, you invested time and money, and you have a desire to help people.

Like so many coaches, you might not be sure how to get your business off the ground.

But when you know the steps to take, starting (or re-starting) your business can be easeful!

That’s why in this episode I’m sharing 2 Steps To Having Your First 5K Month as a Health Coach.

In this episode I share simple ways for you to build confidence and start getting clients.

I think you’ll find the plan I share is delightfully simple – while being very effective at helping you launch (or re-launch) your business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to gain confidence at leading initial consults with potential clients
  • How to fill your calendar with initial consults 
  • The simplest (free and low-tech) way to spread the word about your services 

Tune in and learn two very practicable and do-able steps to take to have your best month in business so far.

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The Exact Script for Leading Initial Consults

Acuity online scheduling tool

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