JANUARY 08, 2024

#40: When a Potential Client Says “I Need to Think About It”

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“I need to think about it…”

If you’ve done initial consults with potential clients, you’ve probably heard these words.

In the early days of my health coaching practice, I was doing a lot of initial consultations with potential clients. I felt fairly comfortable and confident in these sessions.

I loved getting to know people and having them open up and share their struggles and their hopes.

I enjoyed sharing about my programs and how I felt I could help them.

And then we got to the point in the session when I waited to hear their thoughts…

I would be on the edge of my seat wondering if they were going to sign up. 

Most of the time, people either signed up on the spot, or they’d say, “I need to think about it,” or “I need to speak with my spouse.”

If they signed up on the spot, of course I was thrilled.

But if they needed to think about it, it felt like a “no”, and I used to dread hearing those words.

In my experience, if they didn’t sign up on the spot, it seemed impossible to re-engage them. I’d email them the following week to check in.

So for a couple of weeks I’d be wondering if I was going to hear from them or not. Wondering if I should follow-up again.  And this took up a lot of mental space and mental chatter.  

The vast majority of the time, I never heard back from them. 

Then I discovered a simple process that turned this around.

I share this exact process in this podcast episode When a Potential Client Says “I Need to Think About It”. 

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