FEB 19, 2023

#4: 7 Things Successful Health Coaches Are Doing

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Ever wish you could pull back the curtain and see what successful coaches are doing?

Since 2005 I’ve made it my mission to understand what’s working for those with thriving wellness businesses so that I can share it with you and shave years off your learning curve.

As it turns out, the wellness pros that are making a great living, doing what they love are all doing 7 key things!

You may be surprised by what the 7 things are. So be sure to catch this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What you do NOT need to focus on, so you can get out of overwhelm – and save yourself time, money, and energy 
  • The 7 keys to a successful health coaching business (that also creates more ease for you and your marketing)
  • And you can use this as a diagnostic tool for your business – to see what you might be missing and where you want to put more attention

When you tune in, you’ll learn what our clients in The Abundant Health Coach (our business accelerator program) are doing… so you can do the same!

Links/Resources mentioned on the show:

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“5 Clients in 30 Days” Step-by-Step Action Plan

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