JANUARY 01, 2024

#39: How to Partner With Physicians as a Health Coach

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If you’re looking for ways to attract more clients, you’ve probably thought about getting referrals from physicians.

But you might not know how to go about developing a relationship with physicians.

That’s why I was thrilled that Carrie Bailey, former client and Functional Nutritionist  joined me for this podcast episode How to Partner With Physicians as a Health Coach.

In the episode, you’ll learn from Carrie’s experience working with several physicians, including:

  • The types of physicians that are more receptive to working with health coaches and nutritionists
  • What to do before you start reaching out to physicians
  • How to connect with physicians and get a first meeting
  • What to do during the initial meeting with a physician
  • How to work with any fears about reaching out and being rejected
  • How to keep referrals coming

About Carrie Bailey

Carrie Bailey is a highly skilled and compassionate Certified Functional Nutritionist, with more than a decade of experience helping hundreds of people overcome anxiety, depression and other weird mystery symptoms.

Carrie has a deep and unique understanding of the intricate connection between nutrition and emotional well-being, and she is dedicated to helping clients heal anxiety and depression through a highly personalized dietary and supplement approach that breaks conventional wisdom and provides clients with an extraordinary ability to get rid of their symptoms.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your own mental health or support others on their healing journey, Carrie Bailey is your go-to resource for cutting edge, evidence-based nutrition information and inspiration. 

Links/Resources mentioned on the show:

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Carrie’s YouTube Channel  

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